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Roger Williams / Do NOT be scammed
« on: July 20, 2008, 10:02:52 PM »
Beware of the offers of scholarship and other enticements from this law school. You may have received an email from them that starts off as such:

'Hello XXXXX,

I was looking at your LSAC file today and noticed that your LSAT score of XXX and X.XX GPA and other academic accomplishments qualify you for admission to our August 'XX entering class. Fortunately, we still have some scholarship funds available, and your LSAT and GPA qualify you for a merit scholarship in the amount of $15000 per year.'

This scholarship offer is a gimmick to get you to enroll into the school. If you are tight on funds, as most entering law students are, the offer sounds very appealing. But beware, once you are enrolled in the school, this scholarship is easily taken away.

RWU, although accredited by the ABA, is a poor quality institution with an unprofessional staff and less than qualified faculty. The primary purpose of this institution is financial and not to educate future lawyers: once you are a student here, they provide very little cooperation and assistance to you.

Speaking to past students, their experiences are on the whole incredibly negative. Professors seem unqualified to teach, school policies are convoluted and not evenly upheld, minority students are treated unfairly and are at times discriminated against, and dealing with the registrar's office is a nightmare.

Students also encounter an unusual number of suicides in first year classes because of the school's aggressive 'weed out' strategy to increase its ranking and recover scholarship funds. Also many female students have stated that a few of their professors have made advances on them while they were enrolled in their classes. There are also numerous other problems with the school regarding their claims versus the actuality of the school.

Please do your research before you consider attending this school

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