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for the most part after writing your personal statement do you feel it's on par with the examples you have seen?  i like my statement, but after reading some of the samples in the princeton review book on personal statements ("34 real essays") I'm thinking mine is a little weak.  for anyone who has read those samples do you think they are ridiculously unrepresentative of what most people submit? 

Is it okay to mention clients you worked for by their names?  Should you refer to them as "while working on a product launch for John Doe Pharmaceuticals" or " while working on a product launch for one of our clients".........just wondering if it's in poor taste to drop names.  Thanks.

I have had one question pop up on a number of applications.  That questions is:

Have you ever been charged with a traffic violation involving felonious conduct or the use or possession of alchohol or drugs or which resulted in time spent in custody, a fine of $200 or more, or the revocation or suspension of your driver's license?

I answered "No" to this question because I interpreted it to be asking if there was one specific incident.....I had forgotten that i did have my license revoked when I was 17 (I am now 32) due to the number of points accumulated on my license. It was the culmination of many speeding tickets and not one incident that caused the revocation of my license.  Should I contact the schools I am applying to so I can change the answer or do you think I am fine with the answer given??

This whole process is getting to be way too stressful.......I'm going to go to business school! ;D

Law School Admissions / LSAC & Fee Waiver Question.....
« on: December 08, 2005, 06:27:06 PM »
If you have fee waivers and apply online through LSAC what happens at the end of the process when it requests payment?  Is there an option to click you recv'd a waiver?  Should I apply by paper app. for those schools that have granted a waiver?

Example:  I have several cards/emails from schools that state they have waived my app fee and I can apply online at LSAC.  They have the Visa/MC symbol next to their application online.  If I submit everything online how do I go about utilizing my waiver?

Some have stated to mail the waiver with this application which is great.  I'm just not sure how to proceed with those schools that do not state how to apply the waiver.

Any help would be appreciated.   

My undergrad works on a slightly modified grading scale and my GPA ends up being lower with the conversion by LSADAS.  Due to this conversion they reported my GPA lower than it actually is by about .15 which puts me below a 3.0 overall.  I spoke with LSDAS and they won't recognize my school's scale and they advised me that they do not send the back side of my transcript w/ the report.  Therefore, no school would see the grading scale difference.  I'm worried they may overlook this and think my GPA (which isn't great to begin with) is lower than it should be.

Should I just mail all of my applications with an addendum and a copy of the back side of my transcript?

Can I apply online and then include at the bottom of my academic addendum that I will be forwarding an official copy of my transcript which will show the scale?

Should I apply electronically and follow up with a paper app. with the offical transcript included?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.....I want to get this done today and then send everything tomorrow or at least by the end of the week for all of my target schools...................... 

Law School Admissions / Question about academic addendum....
« on: December 07, 2005, 03:09:42 PM »
If a school doesn't specifically mention that they're interested in an academic addendum is still okay to send one? 

I'm 29 years old, 7 years work experience and I have this big gap on my apps when they ask about extracurriculars.  I have none.  How much will this hurt me?  Anyone else have that section COMPLETELY empty.  Should I write that I help old people cross the street?

Law School Admissions / Question re: fee waiver..
« on: November 22, 2005, 08:52:13 PM »
Cardozo sent me a fee waiver via e-mail and it states to include it with the application.  Does this mean I should apply using the printed version?

Also, is it considered bad taste not to type the application, meaning is handwritten bad?  Anyone do this?  Cardozo is the first app. I'm doing and just wondering what the protocol was.


My undergrad does not award 'minus' grades, therefore we work on a scale where a 'B+' is worth 3.5 a 'B' is worth 3.0, 'C+' worth 2.5, and 'C' worth 2.0.

LSAC is just dropping all of my '+' grades to be worth 3.33, 2.33, etc....this has dropped my GPA considerably and doesn't reflect the proper grade distribution in the Grades Earned category of my academic summary.  All 'B+' should be listed in the 3.5 or above section and instead are dropped to the 2.5-3.49.  LSAC will not update to reflect this change.  How detailed should me GPA addendum be?  Should I redo their charts to show an accurate grade distribution??  Because of my stupid undergrad, all my 'A-' grades look like crap now since they don't even exist......... 

Please, please, please, any suggestions!!  They would make a very unhappy girl a little less stressed on her birthday!! ???

Some of my apps. ask for information regarding a juvenile record.  I'm not sure whether to address this or not.
First, can they even verify this information since the records would have been sealed.  Second, I'm not sure what I was even charged/convicted/cited for at the time.  It could have been criminal trespass, breaking & entering, vandalism or something else entirely.  I'm not sure which and I'm not sure how to even find out which one.  How does one go about getting this information?  I no longer live anywhere near the courthouse I had to go to when this happened so I can't even drop by to check if I have access to my records.  I was only 12 when this happened, do you think not mentioning it in addendum could cost me down the road?


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