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Online Law Schools / Online degree and getting a job.
« on: July 12, 2008, 11:30:22 PM »
Im thinking of attending an online school and would like to hear from alum(bar graduates) on how their
job search is going. Of course I live in California. Concord, Taft, Northwestern, Oakbrook....What difficulities and biases did you face in the marketplace? Did you have to network excessively? Even if you only got a job that normally just JD's do or whatever, Id like to hear from you. I know a lot of online grads couple their degree with another discipline and seek patent law, etc. I however, would not have such an advantage. Please share, but mainly looking for graduates who are now working at least fairly exclusively in law. Online student who are clerking...would love to hear from you as well. THANKS.

ABA school students: I for one appreciate your hard work and ability to get into a school I could not. You only deserve commendation and praise for your success and efforts. Please, however, avoid posting negative or sarcastic comments on my post. If you have serious, valid points as to the folly of an online degree though, I would read them with due consideration.

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