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Black Law Students / UCLA Law Critical Race Theory Program
« on: July 23, 2008, 07:41:27 PM »
So I was at my home campus (UCLA) the other day and I stepped into the law admissions office and ask to speak with a admissions rep. I informed her that I was a recent graduate from UCLA and that I am considering coming to UCLA Law.

She started off by asking why I had a interest in coming to UCLA and in short I told her that there are potential family problems that might require me to stay close to home. I also told her that I was too happy with how UCLA kept single digits number of Blacks/African Americans in each of their incoming law school classes.

She at that point seemed to question why UCLA? She informed me "UCLA is a top-ranked school" we only take the best of the best who on average maintain a 3...At this point I stopped her...I informed her I am aware that the school has a 3.69 and a 167 average. I then told her what my gpa (3.789) and lsat (169). She stopped and I saw this suprise looked crawl on her face (as if she thought a black male at UCLA couldn't attain that.

She then seemed all excited about me applying and she said "apply to the critical race theory program." I had informed her that I was intersted in race and law, I especially have considered educational law and try shake things up with affrimative action being prac. in california.

So she explictly said "they would love to hae you...they hardly ever have students that are above the school average" she then provided me a book and I looked at the average admits for Critical race theory program 3.49 and 159 average...I hate to say this but is this the "easy way into UCLA"

Does anybody know why that the admissions standards are much lower for this program?

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