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Transferring / Top 25 to top 14
« on: October 02, 2008, 12:38:38 PM »
Just to satisfy my curiosity, I was wondering if anyone knew or had an idea if a person who finished in the top 25% (barely) at a top 25 school after their first year would have any chance of being able to transfer into a top 14 school, such as Duke, Virgina, Michigan, Georgetown, Cornell, etc.??

I just found out that I am in the 1st quartile (although just barely) at the University of Minnesota after my first year and was wondering how stupid it was to not petition for law review. I really did not even want to be on the journal and really did not want to go through the process, but am now thinking that I may have really hampered my chances for future employment. I will be going through OCI in the fall, how big of a mistake did I make(assuming I would have made law review, which is a rather large assumption)?

Any advice on how I can make myself more competitive or if you just want to call me an idiot, that is ok too.

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