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Choosing the Right Law School / Illinois v Iowa - Full tuition at both
« on: February 10, 2009, 07:29:02 AM »
Hi All -

So I am lucky to be in the position of having full tuition at both schools. 

For a background, I don't want big law.  My interests are in public interest or government work.  If I were to work in a firm, I would want to work in a relatively small one.

Also, I do not want to work in Chicago. My SO has no shot at working there. I hope to work in either Iowa or Minnesota.

Is it a no brainer to choose Iowa then?  I just I'm just interested on feedback, especially from those who are attending/have attended those schools.

Law School Admissions / Significant Others
« on: September 23, 2008, 12:14:26 PM »
Anyone out there having struggles by applying to law schools and trying to factor in their significant other?  My boyfriend is an aerospace engineer, and has no idea where he could end up.

Any advice on how to handle the situation?

Law School Admissions / Someone please calm me...
« on: September 18, 2008, 12:56:00 PM »
OK, so I just sent in some applications.  I only have one letter of reccommendation currently in at LSAC, and another mailed on Monday.  All of my letters will be general letters.

I called admissions for the schools I applied, and they told me applying without all of my LORS currently in would be fine. 

I didn't specify in LSAC each letter designation for each school.  LSAC told me that since my letters are general, they will just be automatically sent to the law schools once they come in (up to the amount each school allows.)

Did I do something wrong?  Just need reassurance.

Just a quick quesiton -

Looking at WUSTL, its app from last year has a section asking why you are interested in WUSTL.  Would it then be redundant to incorporate why WUSTL in your personal statement? 


Choosing the Right Law School / Not excited
« on: August 12, 2008, 08:54:18 AM »
I need some suggestions.  I've been working on my application (ps included) for awhile and recently decided what schools I am applying to.  Problem is, now I realize I am not completely psyched about any of these schools.  A lot of them are great schools that would have great opportunities for me, but I just don't feel like I have a school that is a definite favorite or one that I am extremely anxious to see if I get in.  Is that normal?

I originally was looking at schools like Lewis and Clark, U of Washington, GW etc, but decided since I hope to stay in the midwest those would not be the best options.  But I seemed excited about those schools.  Did I count them out too early, or was it just early enough in the search to be excited about anything?

I have a 3.86/165.  Great soft factors.  I'm interested in public interest of some sort, hopefully clerking as soon as I graduate.  I would like to go to school in a place with great externships and clinics.

I'm pumped for law school, I just need a place to get pumped about.

Any advice, like if this is normal and what schools to look at is appreciated.

Hi All,

I have three professors I want to get LOR from.  I sent an email to two who I am very close with (and gave me specific instruction to come to them if I need anything when applying to law school) asking if they had time this summer to look at my PS.  At that time I was planning on asking them for a LOR.

One of the professors is in Mexico until late August.  I want to apply to some schools right away in September.  Would it be tacky to email saying "I hate asking you this over email, but I was hoping to apply early Sept" yada yada? 


Choosing the Right Law School / UCLA Public Interest Program
« on: July 22, 2008, 07:15:25 AM »
Does anyone know any info on UCLA's public interest program?  How well do graduates from the program place outside California (am not really interested in living there, most likely in midwest)?  Also, does anyone know how difficult it is to get in?  What kind of LSAT and GPA would one need?


Hi all.  I know everyone does this, but I am bored at work trying to push through my personal statement.  I have a 165/3.91 and am hoping that my thorough history of extra-curriculars, great letters of rec, and ps can give me the edge at schools like Washington U in STL.

I'm writing about my experience as an intern at a Domestic Violence legal clinic.  Is that the best way to go?  If you are willing to read my draft and give comments, let me know!

Please help!

I've been looking at different websites talking about getting into the best school you can vs. taking a scholarship.  I'm not interested in going into a large firm and making a bunch of money.  My dream is to probably get a judicial clerkship after graduation and going into criminal prosecution, or some variant of that.  Here is the long/short list of schools I am currently looking to apply to.

U of Iowa
U of M
Loyola Chicago
Chicago Kent
U of Colorado
Washington U (STL)
Notre Dame
Boston College

Maybe throw in a long shot of Duke or Michigan.  Would it be smart to go to a lower ranked school in Chicago and have a lot of work options and get a good scholarship, or just do what the majority does and go to the best law school I can?  Thanks.

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