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Choosing the Right Law School / UNLV 1L Taking Questions....
« on: December 15, 2009, 09:41:11 PM »
I'm a Boyd 1L on winter break. I'll be taking any and all questions for the next month. Ask away. I'll respond in the order questions are asked.

I was perusing today and noticed that Southwestern has some pretty impressive employment numbers for a T4 school. This seems very odd given the proliferation of top ranked schools in CA.  I don't have a good explanation. They have a decent sized incoming class (roughly 680 or so) and post employment figures at graduation of 70-85%, better than many higher rated schools (even CA schools). My only thoughts are that the school is either padding its numbers; the jobs graduates get are very low rent; or the mass exodus of professionals in CA to surrounding states is taking a greater toll than estimated. Comments?

I have a low LSAT score with a high GPA: 157, 3.9 (LDAS). Do I have a shot at any of the following schools:

U of Texas, Austin
U of Florida
U of Alabama
U of Utah
UNC Chapel Hill
U of Arizona
Arizona State

I majored in accounting at UNLV, have two years of public accounting experience, and have remarkable LORs. Two of my LORs are from professors who are attorneys who I have developed very strong relationships with. My third LOR is from a client who is a CFO for a multi-state conglomerate in manufacturing. I helped them save several thousand $$$ on their audits pursuant to filing a registration statement.

My goal is to work for SEC Enforcement or work white collar crimes prosecution for the DOJ or a state AG office. I will probably have to start my legal career as a criminal prosecutor.

What are my chances at the schools that I have listed above? Should I retake the LSAT (157 is the low end of my average; 160 being the high end). My struggles on the LSAT are with the time constraints. With only five more minutes per section, my scores in practice jump up to 165-170. I don't know how worthwhile it would be to retake the exam, though. A second dismal performance would be more damaging than the first.  Any thoughts?

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