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Choosing the Right Law School / W&L v. Ohio State ($$)
« on: March 30, 2009, 08:14:06 PM »
So here is my dilemma: I'm an Ohio resident who got accepted to Ohio State with a half ride and George Mason with no money. I want to go to GMU because I really want to live in the DC/Virginia area and ideally clerk, but the thought of 60K of extra debt is not appealing. I wouldn't mind OSU as such: the atmosphere sounds fun enough, but I worry that I'll be stuck in Ohio for the rest of life. I'd also really like to clerk, and it seems that GMU has the advantage there. So what are your thoughts? Is the 60k extra worth it?

Law School Admissions / Applying now v. waiting for fee waivers
« on: December 29, 2008, 08:51:15 PM »
I just took Dec. and i have pretty much all my apps ready to go. Should I go ahead and send them or wait a little while for fee waivers? If so, how long?

Incoming 1Ls / Laptops
« on: November 25, 2008, 09:17:47 PM »
I'm considering buying a laptop on Black Friday because i desperately need a new one. However, I do know of some UGs that require you to buy a laptop from the university itself. Are there any law schools that have such a policy? If so, which ones and how common is it? For the record, I have looked at several school websites for their policies. I could not find one that specifically required a university-bought laptop, but there were a couple that I wasn't sure on: GLUC, UVA, and UChi.

Studying for the LSAT / Improving your time
« on: August 04, 2008, 05:24:24 PM »
So i think I have a pretty good mastery of the actual material at this point. I just hit 172 untimed today. However, it's going SLOW. I usually have to take about 10 extra minutes from each section. So how do you improve your timing? Is it one of those things where you just keep working with the material and get faster? Should i start doing timed sections and get done what I can?

General Off-Topic Board / Hypothetical October Suprize
« on: August 02, 2008, 04:12:08 PM »
So I've been thinking recently how interesting it would be if a SCOTUS justice (most likely Stevens because he's the oldest) suddenly died in October.
1. this would be right at the beginning of the term and would throw the whole term off.
2. It would have a HUGE impact on the election as there will be huge drama about what will follow.
So what do you think? Will Bush nominate someone and try to get him confirmed? Or will he give the job to the next president? If so, how will this affect the election?

Feel free to argue with me but here's how I see it: Bush will yield to the next pres. The ball would then be in McCain's court. If he makes it VERY clear that he will appoint a conservative, textualist justice, he will finally get the support of the conservative base which severely mistrusts him. If, on the other hand, he seems to waiver, this will provide Conservatives all the more reason to stay home or vote 3rd party, guaranteeing an Obama win.

Note: I doub this will happen, but we're future law students, we do hypothetical right?  ;D

Studying for the LSAT / How to go over wrong answers
« on: July 30, 2008, 05:56:06 PM »
So what do you guys feel is the best way to go over incorrect answers on PTs? What I've been doing so far is making notes in my notebook about why the credited answer is correct. Are there any tricks you know to better remember the mistakes and find ways to improve them? Also, if you find you are struggling with certain question types, how do you improve, ooking at the appropriate bible? (my biggest problem is LR weaken questions)

Studying for the LSAT / Timed v. Untimed Tests
« on: July 17, 2008, 09:22:42 PM »
Ok so I've read both Bibles and am now finished with summer classes (thank God!). Well I'm getting some contradictory advise about LSAT studying. Should I do mostly timed or untimed test? I realize that there needs to be some sort of balance, but some posters here give me the idea that its better to do MOSTLY untimed tests.  Any advise would be great.  :)

Law School Admissions / repeat course: speceial circumstance
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:04:52 PM »
From what I understand, LSAC counts both grades from repeat courses. But my circumstance is a bit weird. Freshman year I took 1st year latin and got strait As. Well, there was a schedualing conflict the following fall and I ended up not taking Latin all that year. When I signed up for 200-level latin my junior year, I realized I forgot everything. So I went back retook my 100-level classes (getting all As again). So my question is, will i now have 2 years' worth of As on my LSDAS GPA? I'm also wondering if I should talk to my school at all because they're being very strange with the whole calculating the repeat into my GPA thing, or does that not matter to LSDAS at all?

Do you regret it? Are you glad you did it? Anything you would have done differently?
I'm weighing my options and want some advise

Law School Admissions / Soft Factor: Senior Thesis?
« on: June 17, 2008, 02:38:08 PM »
Ok, so I'm just wondering how much asenior thesis in classics would help my LS chances. I realize it's a numbers game, I'm just wondering whether it's worth my time at all to do one or not.

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