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Current Law Students / environmental law
« on: May 20, 2008, 11:56:35 PM »
hi all,

i just want to get ppl's opinions on environmental law. i have a degree in environmental eng and plan on applying to law school. are the courses difficult? is there a big demand within this field? has anyone interned at an env law firm? if so, how do you like the work?


i guess im a little fickle about my situation. right now im at the crossroads whether or not to pursue law school.  my background is in civl eng and im currently applying for my MS in environmental eng for fall 09. my plan after that is to apply for law school and pursue environmental law.  the reason im applying for my masters is to make up my lacking 3.0 gpa that i have as an undergraduate (really hard classes at my school).

my emphasis has been in water quality and treatment as an civil eng. does anyone here on this forum work for an environmental law firm or is in law school specializing in environmental law? if so, do you like it? does having you environmental eng degree help with admissions at all into law school?

btw... im located in so cal. i don't know if that helps or not but i intend on practicing out here. i already have taken testmasters this past summer but postponed my real LSATs until im ready.

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