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Choosing the Right Law School / UC Davis or McGeorge? Am I nuts?
« on: May 13, 2008, 10:48:18 AM »
Alright so I need to make a decision in the next day or so.

I would like to live and work around Sacramento area after graduation.  Positive that I am not interested in Big Law, interested in mid sized practice to private practive.  Also have interests pursuing a career as judge.

I have been accepted to UC Davis, McGeorge, Loyola, Southwestern, but pretty sure I dont want to be in LA ever again in life.

So I am left with Davis and McGeorge.  Based on rankings I would be a fool to choose McGeorge right? 

I came from UCLA as an undergrad and know how anonymous the UC system is with their students.  Even though I graduated from one of UCLA's prime schools, the alumni help after graduating was non-existent.  I am worried about the same thing at UC Davis.  I get the feeling that McGeorge would want me to succeed and it seems they work a bit more to prove themselves.  I also like the fact that I would come into McGeorge with superior numbers than my classmates. 

Naturally, my ego feels like I want to compare myself against the best minds.  The challenge of getting into the top 10 percent of the class at Davis turns me on.  But again, I have no aspirations of big law, and I dont care about the money aspect.  So the rankings lose some value, correct?

Any thoughts on this? I am leaning towards McGeorge, but does that happen?  Does this make sense?

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