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So far I'm going to have to say the UT Law 2011 group is the definite winner between the schools I have been considering...(there are some real hotties going to UT).

Law School Admissions / If you could go back in time....
« on: April 23, 2008, 04:51:58 PM »

...what would you do diffent?
...what would be diffent?

For me, what would I do different:
1. I would attend a crappier school, and get a 4.0+
2. I would start Lsat prep shortly after high school so by the time I actually wrote the thing, I would have the concepts so ingrained that getting a 175ish would've been a likelihood rather than a diagnostic experience only.
3. I would have applied prior to Christmas...probably the first day in which apps could be sent, based on the results of others with similar numbers to mine.

The result:
I think I'd be deciding between Harvard and Chicago$ rather than Cornell and UT$.

Here is my situation. I'm in at Cornell without money, Vandy with 60K, and TX with 21 + I'm in-state. Due to the scholarship, my savings, plus a very very cheap living situation in Nashville, if I take the Vandy offer I will graduate debt free with about 10K left in my bank account. If I go to TX, I will be about even or 10K in debt. After visiting all the schools Cornell is my first choice, but if I go to Cornell I'm going to be about 100K to 110K in debt when I graduate.

As for future plans, I want to live in Houston which is where I'm from, but I'm also open to living in Chicago as I have many relatives there. I have no ties to the NE and can not imagine living in that part of the country. So what should I do in your opinion? Is it worth it to go to Cornell??? Also, if I go there, what will my job opts be in Houston?

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