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Pointless Arguments / Will i get sued ?
« on: January 24, 2008, 03:27:40 PM »
Hi there, Im sorry if this is in the wrong section ect i just want some advice.
On another Pitbike forum, There was a user who annoyed everyone..Ect cut a long story short, He was selling he Quadbike, So to get back at him (I know very childish) I decided to make a New account pretending i wanted to Buy his Quad.
He said it needed work and therefore would need to go to a garage and would cost 240
I said that i didnt want the Quadbike anymore but he STILL went and got the work done for 240.
Next, He got one of the Moderators of the forum to do a I.p adress match and obviously mine matched!  ::)
So he is now saying he is going to Sue me for 'Scamming' And he will look foward to seeing me in court!  :D I mean how pathetic ? Is he on glue?

Any help would be appreciated..Thanks

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