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All -

It's been awhile - don't think there are many friends here from the 05-06 cycle, but I've always had lots of inquiries from newbies looking at UConn. Just wanted to say I'm still here, just not too active. Feel free to PM me about UConn law - I'm always happy to exchange emails and muse about the best law school in CT (Yale isn't in CT, so it doesn't count!).

1L at UConn law would love to encourage some LSDers to apply, visit, and attend UConn law for class of 2010!...Drop a line, however, in the thread in the 'where should i go next fall' forum.

Hi all -

Most of you Pre-1L's might not remember me saga of getting into and deciding on UConn law, but it is definately the place I was meant to study law. Feel free to shoot me a question via PM or tag onto this thread...For those looking for good 'backup schools' or regional schools or things in this vein, I heavily, heavily encourage you to look into UConn law!


Figured I would start this thread to compete with all of those 99-page HYS threads that annoy so many of us  ;)...

For those attending UConn LS next year, drop a line here so we can get to know one another and compare real names with our lsd fantasy names :)...

Incoming 1Ls / In Hartford tomorrow for a Uconn visit
« on: May 15, 2006, 02:29:01 PM »
Just a notice to any Uconn law soon to be's that I, along with a current 1l, will be meeting in the 'diag' near that circle thing around 3pm for a meet up....

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / UConn Open House Notes
« on: April 10, 2006, 01:56:22 PM »
For those interested in UConn: here are my notes from last weekend's open house -

-there will be a walmart class next semester
-to equivocate on why going to LS is ok

-do at least once before graduating
-great combo of classroom theory and real life
-2/3l's can take them - some are 1 sem, some both sems
-mediation clinic, tax clinic, 2 public interest centers, which are like clinics
-externships - also great to have

1l options in lieu of clinics
--unemployment action center
--income tax thing
--help local PI law firms - get a stipend

-46 full time faculty
-1 yr long legal research and writing class
--first learn old fashioned way of doing things (they dont open your westlaw/lexis nexus account till later), then teach you online method, then back to books since most firms cant afford online resources and older partners dont trust online
--in this class you'll learn skills of writing memos, notes, and then an a brief (i think they said an appellate one), you’ll also be taped while arguing the brief, I think, during the….
--2nd half is a 5 week moot court! This also means that winter break is only 1 week! The 2nd week is when the moot court thing starts

-1L summer - best for going abroad, esp if cannot find a good paying job locally
-2l semester 1 is all about on campus interviews - so be there!
-uconn feeds into boston and nyc
--though Hartford salaries are rising in order to keep grads in state
-in state tuition- hardest part of getting in state residency is proving ‘independence’ - but they will work with you on it
-2 off campus recruiting events in NYC and Boston
-3 sections of 70 students, 1 of which is night division
-as a 1l you’ll have 2 classes of 70ish, 2 of 5, and then legal res/writ with 16
-5 classes first semester, 4 2nd

-Live on Farmington, Girard, Sherman - NOT on Gillette, Woodlawn - Clement’s apt is good place
-Admitted student website will be live this week…maybe - it will have a chatroom/msg board, it will have some housing/roommate stuff
-for a single it will run about 750-800 - uconn allows for 1,000 a month in award notice budget

-88 percent bar passage, 92 percent for CT
-dual degree programs
--need to be in good standing, and then apply to other division
--if accepted notify LS
-2l spent at other school
-then back for 3/4L

- “getting to maybe” highly recommended as new book for pre-1l’s
- Aug 23rd first day or orientation, 28th school starts


-uconn is on a B median - only in bigger 1l classes, though
-seminar grades distribution up to profs
-tests - all in class for 1ls - no midterms
-1l is very Socratic at uconn
-2l interviews on campus are HUGE - esp for big law, which is one criticism from a student: uconn is geared too much towards those careers despite prof’s interests in PI etc
-journals can be graded on or write on - if write on, after school ends 1l  summer there is a 2 week writing competition - you’re given a packet of info and write from that (if you’re going abroad/have whatever commitments, make sure they come after this!)

career services-
-proactive, helpful, big firm oriented though, runs mock interview program 1l summer

don't go abroad 1/2L - miss too much

int. law program is good - see professor Janis

online job bank is being reworked for next year

school is competitive but friendly

very accessible faculty

admin is very open and knows everyone’s names

mentor program-
-   teamed with a prof during orientation and can ask for a local lawyer too

Alumni thoughts
-get on a journal - esp if you’ve good grades. Firms will always ask WHY you were not on one when could have been - journals are big plus for big law
-1l - don't worry about jobs! Focus on classes
-use the judicial clerkship externship - get credit for it! - firms love it - shows you how and why judges decide to hear a cause, allow/not allow a motion etc
-clerk for 1 yr post law school if possible - firms may give you 1 yrs worth of partnership credit and it looks excellent on resume - can't be beat
-work during 2/3l with work study, a prof, etc
-though dream jobs come through the on campus interviews and are usually associate positions for summer, most people don't get these jobs and those who do usually leave after 5 yrs
- DON'T BE PRESSURED TO TAKE BAR CLASSES - they don't prepare you for the bar and you’ll need to take bar review classes anyways so just enjoy other LS classes - take what you love and experiment

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / UConn - viewbook/brochure?
« on: March 15, 2006, 05:39:11 AM »
I applied and got into UConn, which was unexpected, and now realize that I dont have anything to read for them ie a viewbook/prospectus or whatever you want to call it. And as nice as their website is, I would like to have something physical. Anyone know if they even put one out? I dont see anything on their website asking if you want it (though now is a bit late I realize).

Choosing the Right Law School / Deciding based on basketball?
« on: March 12, 2006, 01:35:12 PM »
So I got into UConn last night, after watching my boys at 'Cuse run all over everyone this past week! Now, do I really have a touch decision or not? I've already done alot of thinking and planning about Syracuse and am visiting this coming April. They also are offering a deans scholarship, which makes tuiton roughly 15k a year. UConn, however, after 1 year changes to instate (in theory) and then becomes 15k.

My question is thus: take UConn, a better school?, with no money but overall a cheaper school (minus year 1L) or Syracuse, where I've been assuming I would go and have a deans scholarship??

As a postscript: rankings are important, but not the be all end all - would Uconn be considered better in its legal market, vs syracuse at bottom of its? Does Syracuse name travel further than UConn?


Choosing the Right Law School / Maryland Waitlist - to accept or not?
« on: March 05, 2006, 02:27:03 PM »
With a deans scholarship at syracuse, does it make any sense to take a maryland wait list offer? Y/N?


Even if they notified me early, would it be worth it changing all of my plans and going there...
I know its a lot more 'prestigious' in USNWR rankings, but is the scholarship more enabling then a few dozen spots on the rankings?

Choosing the Right Law School / Is syracuse really...
« on: January 23, 2006, 08:14:26 PM »
is syracuse really ranked #97? someone posted this in another threat, of mine, and it just occured to me to find out if this was true, or not...

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