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Law School Admissions / POLL: Splitter Hall of Fame Qualifications
« on: December 05, 2005, 01:10:18 PM »
some of you are aware of the fictional splitter Hall of Fame aka The Burghblast Pavilion.  The conditions for induction into this HOF have previously been set as sub 3.0 gpa, 165+ LSAT, T14 acceptance.  However, I've received many PMs requesting that changes be made to these parameters.  I have no idea how I became in charge of this (suggesting the inception of the HOF was in jest, really) but I figured a poll would be the best way to collect people's opinions in a public, uncontroversial manner. 

Keep in mind that it wouldn't really be a Hall of Fame if we had 30 people entering each year, but it would also be a pity to have just 1 or 2. 

Splitter thread-,44430.0.html
"Rollin the Dice"-,47636.0.html

Here it is splitters, as promised, the "splitters acceptance" thread to accompany the original "splitters unite" thread.,44430.msg796560.html#msg796560

suggestions for using this thread: the idea is to post acceptances to create kind of a collaborative grasp of reality for splitters throughout the application process.  traditionally, high lsat, low gpa applicants are the fewest in number and thus highly unpredictable based on available data/tools.  hopefully, this helps in pullin things together a bit.,48111.0.html

2005 Splitter Hall of Fame (sub 3.0 gpa, 165+ LSAT, t14)
1. throwdini (2.95, 171, NW)
2. archival (<3.0, 172, NW)
3. mobo (2.83, 170, NW)
4. tx_fan (2.81, 170, NW)
5. check01 (2.7, 175, UVA)

2005 Splitter Cum Laude (sub 3.3 gpa, 170+ LSAT, t14)
1. Vapid Unicorn (3.01, 173, U of M, UPenn)
2. ack! (3.2, 172, U of M, UPenn, Chicago)
3. petitschoque (3.06, 170, NYU)
4. c6h12o6u (3.06, 172, UPenn)

Choosing the Right Law School / which T14 has the best bud?
« on: November 22, 2005, 02:58:56 PM »
im thinkin it's gotta be boalt.  humboldt mumble

« on: October 22, 2005, 10:48:22 AM »
sup board,

first off, a little bout myself.  i graduated from college 2005 and am currently workin for the man.  i went thru the whole app cycle last year and was pretty surprised by how it went.  some schools i thought i had no chance at accepted me, while other "sure things" gave me the swift DING.  specifically, i got into 5 top 25s, but was rejected from many other lower 1st tiers.  but all in all, i found the so-called predictors such as LSAC calculator and chiashu to be completely unreliable when it comes to the high LSAT/low GPA splitter.  i know there are more of you out there who have had success in the past or are currently applying.  let's share some insights/stories, maybe feed each other some hope (albeit illusioned)

12/01/05- As requested, a roster of splitters is being constructed below.

The Roster
1. gosox (2.85, 170)
2. steve butabi (3.04, 169)
3. guerito (2.98, 173)
4. mobo (2.83, 170)
5. finalfantasy777 (3.02, 169)
6. evolve (2.40, 170)
7. throwdini (2.95, 171)
8. vapid unicorn (3.01, 173)
9. archival (~3.0, 172)
10. ack! (3.2, 172)
11. oscarsonthepond (2.88, 170)
12. vainglory (2.8, 175)
13. migharvey (2.54, 173)
14. ljl3y (2.97, 173)
15. kasper11 (2.16, 175)
16. romulox (2.61, 174)
17. petischoque (3.06, 170)
18. metzger (3.33, 177)

*PM me with your info and i'll put you up.  i just figure this should be voluntary.  also, a splitter acceptances thread (titled "rollin the dice") has been created for cross-reference.,47636.0.html

*and here's a poll, for the hotly debated parameters for the splitter HOF.,48111.0.html

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