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General Off-Topic Board / Parental Control
« on: February 22, 2006, 10:37:14 PM »
this show with the boy or girlfriend of several months years vs. the 4 hour date is starting to remind me of the several year GPA vs LSAT importance in getting in.  Just how the LSAT has a higher winning percentage (i.e. importance) so too do the datesrs.

That is all.

I want my last sentence to be powerful and to convey
that I have never or will never back down fom challenges because if I had I wouldn't have made it this far

Does what I have work, is it grammatically correct, any suggestions on new sentences, keeping it as is, or revisions

After all, I am not someone who succumbs to challenges, with a heartfelt commitment of never becoming.

It seems like the with is throwing it off to me.

Last few sentences of an optional essay.  I need some quick opinions

I am almost done with my cultural diversity and overcome essay, but I am having trouble with a transition between 2 abstract subjects.  If your brain can draw connections between odd things could I use it to help me. Just need 1-2 good sentences
won't take long.   Thanks so much.  ANybody?

I just need help on my first paragraph of my PS you don't have to read it all

I have made some changes and want to make sure they work

Choosing the Right Law School / Part Time Question
« on: January 04, 2006, 02:36:25 PM »
Is it true that part time programs don't have to report their numbers? 

Choosing the Right Law School / Automatic Denials
« on: January 04, 2006, 01:31:58 AM »
IF your GPA is at the 75th percentile how much below the 25th LSAT can you go.  I think I have as good as it can get on PS,LOR,resume,diversity statement.  All I want is a shot not to nec. get in.  I just want my app read.  If you fall 5, 10, or how many points below the schools LSAT will they at least not take my check and run.  I really don't want to waste money..
25% Native American, but def. not URM or anything



It is actually an optional cultural, social overcome and differentiate essay.  It is very personal, and I lay all my cards on the table (some would say I share too much).

It is good, but still needs some help, let me know if you are willing.

I will send my personal statement too if that would help. 

Law School Admissions / Standardized test question
« on: January 02, 2006, 02:48:26 AM »
I am writting that whole addendum of out perfroming stand. tests.

My question is very original.

Should I just provide evidence of SAT,ACT and PSAT all of which I was in the 40th percentile or lower on, and still manged a 3.8 at a tough school

Or should I also include copies of the state administered end of grade tests.  Basically these are the tests that the great state of Texas uses to see if you are cap. of moving forward academically. On these tests I always performed in the 95th-99th percentile.  I did amazing. I guess this tells me I am below avg. intellegence but a super hard worker. I will accept that. Hence the material, unlike true stand. tests is/can be taught studied ,learned.  My thinking behind this is that in law school and the bar exam, as with college tests the material can be studied, so they don't just think I suck at tests in general or something alltogether.  I have dug up very profound results.  For example on the SAT/ACT/PSAT I was in the 20th percentile on writting and verbal and then on the English II AP/TAAS state test I was in the 98th percentile just 5 months later.  This doesn't add up, unless.... I hust suck at stand. tests. 

Oh and how do I provide the evidence, scan them and send them with LSAT addend.

Thanks and sorry for the long post. 

General Off-Topic Board / Songs that slip under the radar
« on: January 01, 2006, 01:50:18 PM »
What are some great songs that don't get the rep. they deserve

1.) Matchbox twenty- Rest Stop (about a guy who breaks up with his GF while she is sleeping on a road trip-great

2.) Jibe-Rewind (about a guy whose girlfriend dies in Sept. 11th and he wishes he could go back (featured on movie butterfly effect

3.) our lady peace -life (inspirational)

4.) Dave Mat. band -Long black Vail

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