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This is just for an entry level associate position at a small firm.  The contract has a non compete clause that says I can't work in this area in any capacity in this practice area for 1 year after I am no longer working there.  The district specified is more than a quarter of the state,  and it's by far the most populated and built up part. 

It does say that the clause won't be valid if I am terminated or laid off however.

Is this a common thing for entry level attorney positions (on the consumer side) or is this strange?

I hsve my final tomorrow morning and noticed that my book is missing pages in the answer section and has duplicates instead of the right question numbers. I am missing the answers for 186-190 in case anyone wants to help out a lot and just give me the answers

Are there any other sites around to find firms seeking law clerks besides Symplicity? I checked already, and either I am not using the site correctly, or there are literally no firms advertising on that site for clerk positions because I haven't found anything. Simplicity obviously has a lot of listings, but I do not want to only use Symplicity if I can expand my options. Thanks.

Current Law Students / How to prep for a non biglaw interview?
« on: March 19, 2009, 02:12:38 PM »
I have had a few interviews so far, but all of them have been biglaw interviews.  I have an interview tomorrow with a real estate firm, specifically for the foreclosure practice.  I am used to prepping for corporate law firms and gearing my end of interview questions towards that, and I am not really sure how to handle a "normal" law interview that isn't OCI or at a biglaw firm.  Right now I was planning to ask them "What qualities do the most successful law clerks at your firm usually have?  Other than asking them about how the economy has affected their practice (for the better or for the worst), I am not sure what else to do to prepare.

I checked out their website already and it is minimal, just very basic superficial information stating that they are a full service real estate firm that focuses on the commercial end, but doesn't get anymore specific then that.  Thanks!

Current Law Students / Salary to expect at Foreclosure Mill firm?
« on: February 05, 2009, 08:19:53 AM »
One foreclosure firm has about 300 people working there and 40 lawyers, and has two offices, a headquarters and a satellite.  The clerk job pays 16/hr, but taking the clerk job would be dependent on knowing what the salary prospects at this type of place are. It seems terrible to bring up starting attorney pay when you are going in for a clerk job, but it would make it much easier for me. Does anyone know how much an attorney would start at for a large foreclosure mill type firm?

I pretty much came to law school not sure what I want to do in practice, and figured I'd take a lot of classes and see which interested me the most and which I did the best in.  It turns out that I do by far the best in criminal/procedural type classes, and these also happen to be the classes that interest me the most and strike my natural curiousity (I get a lot more interest working with criminal law/procedural type courses, than reading about proxy contests or employment at will doctrines, which just feels like work to me.  I want to make sure I go into a field I am going to be good at, and just wanted to see how related law school performance is with actual practice performance?

I dont like to ever advertise grades, but I know that getting an A is tough during 1L, even more so at my school. I got an A in criminal procedure last year not because I studied day in day out to get an A (I did not), but because I liked the subject matter so much that I just wanted to learn the entire area front to back just for me, and not for the grade.  When I study criminal related things, it just does not feel like work to me, it feels like I am doing something in my spare time that is interesting to me.  I don't get that feeling from doing employment law work, or business association, that just feels like standard work.

I had absolute zero desire to do anything criminal related prior to law school, and even in the beginning, but after taking a lot of criminal law classes and doing well in them, I think I have pinpointed my natural interest and skills to this sector.  However, my "plan" would be to work as a public defender for however long it takes to prepare myself for private practice, and then either open my own criminal defense firm w/ partners, or try to lateral into a firm.  I want the real picture of what being a crim defense lawyer is, no sugar coated fairy tales.  Do you have to be a Johnny Cochrane equivelent to really make a good living from crim defense, or is it realistic to do "well" if you are very skilled at criminal defense, but just not at star lawyer status such as him, and other celebrity lawyers? I know nothing about the criminal sector because I never expected to enjoy the work behind it so much.

Current Law Students / Working as a research assistant 2L year?
« on: October 01, 2008, 12:43:30 PM »
I was looking for a part time job right now for money and/or experience.  I haven't heard back from any of the law clerk positions I applied to, but I may be able to get a job as a research assistant for one of the professors at my school.  Should I hold off and keep trying to get a firm job or just take the research assistant position? (I am also trying to look for a summer internship right now regardless of what I take as a job, the part-time job now is basically just for money because I am getting too poor.) 

Are research assistant positions a good thing to have on a resume in the eyes of a hiring firm, or is it considered a very easy job to secure and not worth much?  Thanks


I took summer classes after 1L this summer and it raised my GPA somewhat significantly.  On my resume I have been putting in my current GPA which is almost .2 higher than it was after first year. (went from a 3.0 to a 3.18 from the summer)   But I have been including my class rank based on my GPA from after first year, which is not what my GPA is anymore.    How do I deal with this, because my 1L class rank was just outside top 33% and I can't really put "top 40%" on a resume and feel serious about it, but as of now my GPA is clearly higher than the one used to calculate the 1st year rank, and I would have to wait an entire year almost to get re-ranked.   3.18 on the 1st year class rank list is like top third which is a major difference obviously than my 3.0 which had me at like 38%.

What is the procedure here?  Thanks a lot

Current Law Students / Sending "Thank You" emails after OCI interviews?
« on: September 08, 2008, 04:42:26 PM »
I asked my career services about this and they told me to have no contact whatsoever with these firms besides the actual interview.  However I also learned that some of the other things they have told me at career services were not accurate.  The interviewer today gave me his business card and I am not sure whether or not I should email him a thank you letter. 

This might seem like a stupid issue, but if other people do this and I don't, it will make me look very bad. But if I do email him and this is a no-no for OCI, than I also would have made myself look very bad.

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