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I was a victim of a violent crime in 1998. After two trials the perp got 12 years. Although this was a huge part of my decision to pursue law school, I'm wondering if it's a bit gory for the PS. I don't know how I can avoid it, but I don't want to seem like I'm looking for sympathy. I was really inspired by the experience and the judicial process (good and bad aspects) and am still in intermittent contact with the judge on my case. I'd actually consider him to be a mentor of sorts. What's the fine line?

For some reason their contact info on the web site seems to pertain only to products or technical difficulties.

I took the LSAT in Brooklyn College on Saturday. We didn't begin until 11.00 am because LSAC screwed up delivering the materials. To be honest, didn't affect me too much except that I was starving by the time we got out at 4.00 pm, but a lot of people were really pissed. And I don't blame them. Figured if they got enough complaints they wouldn't do it again.

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