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Pepperdine / Minorities = Tokens to Pepperdine
« on: April 15, 2007, 04:57:33 AM »
I attended Pepperdine for the 05-06 school year.  They had a meeting at the beginning of the year for minorities and told us "people like you don't usually do well at our school so we want to try to keep you out of the bottom fourth of the class."  Why don't they tell the minorities that they want to help them get into the top fourth of the class?  I told Dean Saxer that Pepperdine takes the wrong approach with their minority students.  She explained to me that minority students are well-sought-after and that Pepperdine has to lower its standards to let minorities in.  The group that I hung out with were all minorities who had been accepted to higher ranked schools and who had better credentials than the average admitted Pepperdine student.  They don't think highly of their minority students.

Also, Pepperdine distributes its minority students evenly among the sections.  How can that not make you feel like a token?

If you do chose to go to Pepperdine, you have an advantage if you are religious.  Make sure to go to all of the prayer meetings so that you get in good with the Professors.  Information is not made available to everyone.  You have to know the right people to get the information you need.  Daughters and sons of religious leaders are put on a pedestal so try to hang out with them to get the insider information. They will have files with really good student outlines for your section.  They will also have the syllabi before everyone else so that they can get ahead in the reading before classes begin.  Get your hands on those syllabi and buy your books early so that you can get ahead.

I chose to leave Pepperdine to teach for a couple of years.  Hopefully I will get into another law school for the 08-09 school year.  Good luck at Pepperdine!!!

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