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Hi everyone,

Can you guys give me the pros and cons between these two schools?  Which one would you choose?  Why and why not?

Thank you

Current Law Students / Florida Coastal v. Thomas Cooley
« on: May 29, 2007, 04:42:51 PM »
 ??? I need to hear from you guys.  Which school is better Thomas Cooley or Florida Coastal?  They are both ranked as T4 schools but I am sure that one is better than the other.  Please help...  Thanks alot.

Current Law Students / Transfer Students.
« on: April 17, 2007, 10:03:11 PM »
Hello everyone!  I would like to know how to transfer after completing your first year from an ABA-APPROVED LAW SCHOOL.  Based on my research, schools don't pay much attention to your LSAT as much as they would if you were an incoming first year law student.  Some schools website stated that the admissions criteria is based on the student's first year academic standing, if the student finished the first year as one of the top students in their class, a dean's letter stating a record of good standing and the students class ranking but did not state any emphasis on the LSAT score, however, requests the copy of the LSDAS report.

I just got accepted from Cooley with 141 lsat score and a 3.60 gpa with a 25% honors scholarship offer.  So far, for me this is good since this is the first acceptance letter I received.  However, I was shooting to attend school here in Southern California but with my LSAT score - I'm getting rejected everywhere (of course, it's pretty obvious - It is a bad score).  I was thinking of maybe accepting the offer and try to aim high in my first year at Cooley and maybe transfer out back to Southern California and finish off my law school here.  Do you guys think I have any chances of getting accepted in Cali?  Perhaps, Southwestern or Loyola?  ---- I considered re-taking the LSAT to see what score I'll can get but I don't want to waste another year of waiting to be in law school.  Time goes by so fast.... :(

PS:  I also know that it is not good to have this plan of transferring out...  as some of you would say - this is a bad start.  But I just want to have all the options I might have in order for me to know how to move forward.  THANKS ALOT!!!! 

Current Law Students / 3.23UGPA + 141LSAT Please Advise
« on: March 19, 2007, 06:45:14 PM »

Can anybody tell me what schools would accept me?  I have been stressing out for the past two months of getting rejected.  I am currently still waiting on decisions from the listed schools below:

Southwestern Law School
Golden Gate University
St. Thomas University (Florida)
Florida Coastal
Texas Southern
University of La Verne
Indiana University - Indianapolis
University of Baltimore

Please advise.  Thank you very much.

Law School Admissions / Rejections from Law Schools
« on: March 19, 2007, 05:32:51 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I am new here and just registered today.  I have been stressing for a couple of months now due to not receiving any acceptance letters from law school.  I applied to my safe schools but yet still got rejected.  I am left with 4 more safe schools that has not responded to me and I have no idea if they will send me an acceptance letter.  I have a feeling that they will reject me as well since I am starting to lose hope.  I went to an accredited private university (Argosy University) and finished with a 3.23GPA - BA in Psychology.  I also received an AA in Criminal Justice from a not so known College (Everest) and graduated with honors.  I received a 141 on my LSAT.  With all this information, is there any way that I will be accepted in an ABA approved law school?  :(  Thank you for your time.  Good luck to all of you.

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