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Job Search / Would PA firms be interested?
« on: February 03, 2007, 07:43:25 AM »
  I have a question for either recent law grads or those who are practicing in Pennsylvania.  I'm currently in law school as an 1L and as a career change.  I am seeking some sort of insight regarding the value of my background in seeking employment in the future.
  My background is 19 years in union heavy construction, where I was successful. After various injuries, I decided to pursue a new career, and went back to school. I graduated with a 3.46 GPA in biology, health careers track, and was accepted into law school last year.
  I went this route, after alot of thought, thinking that perhaps my unique background would be valuable to a future employer.  I'm having the usual self-doubt issues in law school, and my grades are average (C curve grading scale, which does not help any of us). After 5 months of no encouragement, I need to hear from those that have been there.
  I have reason to believe that my law school's grading system will be detrimental to my entire class, so I want real world advice.
  How important would my background actually be to a PA employer? Should I consider enhancing my degree by pursuing the patent exam (I have the science background)? Or, would I be overlooked due to being over 40 at the time of graduation?  Any advice offered by those in the know will be appreciated. Thanks!

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