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Current Law Students / Best wishes!
« on: September 04, 2007, 03:12:59 PM »
My thanks to all of you who have responded nicely and respectfully, or will, to naive questions. Karma. Twelve days in and I'm excited and buried. I may not make the time to visit this site for a long while.

Good luck to all who care about the world and their fellows.

Hey former participants of this or similar programs,

My school, William Mitchell, offers a 3 or 4 credit summer option to study law in London and, optionally, Edinburgh. This is offered jointly with Case Western, New England, and South Texas. I do not currently plan to do International, but I could be very interested in Criminal, and the four London courses focus on that. Another option is a 3-credit internship there. In either case, the cost per credit is hundreds below what William Mitchell normally charges.

Have you done this? Housing costs may be unusually high for me if my wife and son come, but I imagine that it would be not be much more expensive than what we've paid for other vacations. Does the Acorn work for small families? Is there a famliy-friendly (and pet-free) hotel close by? We could rent a home. It may not really be a vacation for me, per se, but for my family it would be, and might coincide nicely with seeing a nephew in grad school at Oxford.

I am eager to plan finances and family time for next year. My main question is this: if I blow an extra few thousand next summer on this, will those 3 or 4 credits help later? Could I then take fewer credits in my third year and work more? Working my first law school summer may earn me little, but working that third year with a potential future employer would be different, right? I don't mean that pay would be great, but for well-invested time.

I know this is sort of a pre-law question (except for transfers), but readers of the pre-law board would not necessarily know any more than I do. You would know, so... which Minnesota school would you pick and why? I have been dinged from U of MN so it's down to those three.

It appears that 1Ls study Civ Pro, Contracts, Torts, and another subject or two. Have any of you used AspenLaw study aids, Sum & Summary audio books, or any other supplements to help you master the material? I am interested in the relative merits of Sum & Summary, Emanuel, Casenotes, Law in a Flash, and StudyDesk for these subjects.

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