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hey guys,

for anyone who's gone through this: would you please share what your schedule is like? and how feasible this is?  I'm going to go part time this fall and work full time, and I'm really afraid.  Since this is my first semester doing this, I'm taking the minimum of only 8 credits.  My commute is about an hour, and I have no kids or pets or anything like that.  I will be living with my boyfriend, also a student.  Any insight would mean so much.  Would I have to give up all my weekends? How different do you think it is from  the stress of first year of law school?

also: since how difficult would it be to transfer to a different school for the Spring or Fall???  I'm hoping the 2 classes will boost my GPA to make me a more attractive candidate as a transfer.  I have no choice but to work Full Time.  Since I'm going to be doing this commute thing for so long, I figured I might as well commute closer to work (NYC)..  I already finished one full year of law school as a part time student during the last school year.

Any Advice Guys??

Thnx so much in Advance!

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