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I know that in the same cycle you can accept an offer, and then go to a different school, just losing your deposit. Is the same true for deferring a year, and then applying to other schools that rejected you?

Trying to make some decisions, would appreciate your guys' input. I actually really like Georgetown, but am interested in what people think.

Law School Admissions / Withdrawing and Reapplying - hurts chances?
« on: February 24, 2006, 09:28:40 AM »
How do schools look on applications for people they have accepted in years past, but who did not accept their offer, went on to work for a year or two and then applied again? Would it play against me when it comes to scholarships, etc? I noticed most applications have a checkbox where you note if you're re-applying.

Choosing the Right Law School / Columbia or NYU
« on: January 26, 2006, 03:31:38 PM »
Deciding between either, the money will probably be the same.

Which School has better trial advocacy programs?


Job Prospects?

Individual Attention?

And anything else.

Law School Admissions / Yale LSAC Report request
« on: December 11, 2005, 12:15:31 PM »
Submitted my app on 12/06, still no request from they usually take this much time? Hmm...

Law School Admissions / Should I be worried about Georgetown?
« on: November 18, 2005, 01:29:34 PM »
Georgetown's been sending acceptances to people for a couple of weeks now and I"m beginning to worry that there's something wrong with my application. I went complete on their website in early November.

173/3.7 from HYP. Thought my essays were pretty good, but now I'm beginning to worry.

Law School Admissions / Where's my Duke Fee waiver?
« on: November 02, 2005, 10:43:56 PM »
Anyone else surprised they didn't get one (yet)? I think I'm competitive for them (173/3.72) and I've gotten all the others. I really want to apply too, but would rather save the $70 if I can.

So I just got the admission index formulas on LSAC's website and playing around with them and my numbers, I'm not sure how fairly schools weigh the gpa/lsat (even when it benefits me).

 The format is A*LSAT + B*GPA + Cum.
Let's look at Columbia.
2163 Columbia University 0.045 0.559 Cum -5.512

I have a 3.72/173 from HYP. My index is 4.35248. This would be the same (roughly), if I had a 4.0/170. Other schools are pretty close to this.

So, is it fair that 1 LSAT point = 1 more question right = 1/10th of a GPA point over 4 years?

Clearly schools look at both numbers independently as well, but the indices ar ethere for a reason.

Hey LSD,

If a miracle happens and I get into Harvard or Yale, I'd go in a flash. But as for the other schools, I don't see a huge deal of difference and will likely be using financial aid to make my decisions. Clearly Columbia is much prestigious than, say GW, but if it's a full ride versus $160K, i'd go to GW.

So which first tier schools offer the best grant aid and what are my chances? 3.72 from HYP, (with most of my non A's coming freshman year) 173, solid PS, good LORs, leadership, white, immigrant background.

Law School Admissions / Scholarship
« on: October 22, 2005, 11:55:43 PM »
Do any T14 law schools notify you of grant aid along with their rolling admission decision before they get your financial aid info?

Or, do you have to wait until you can submit a FAFSA to find out if you've won the scholarship that can supplement your need-based aid.

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