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I'm buying a study guide for K and have been browsing through previous posts.  People mentioned Crunch Time Contacts is a great book.  Do you guys mean the outline or the book?  Which one do you recommend? 

If there is a better Contracts study aid, please let me know. 


Current Law Students / Law Preview vs. Barbri
« on: July 10, 2006, 08:19:12 AM »
I will be starting law school in the fall and would like to strategically prep for IL.  Is Law Preview worth the money?  How effective is it?  Is Barbi course for 1L a better alternative?   

I will be attending Santa Clara in the fall and I would like to transfer to a T1 school after 1L.  I'd like to work for a international law firm and my understanding is that getting a job with those firms is almost impossible without a degree from a top 15 school.  That being said, how difficult is it to transfer from Santa Clara to a top 15 school?  How should I position myself the first year to max. my chances of transferring into a higher ranked school?   

Some of the schools I would like to transfer to include Georgetown, USC, Berkeley (alma mater) and Columbia. 

I'd appreciate any insights on transferring into above schools. 

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