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Pursuing an LLM / Cardozo v. Houston
« on: April 25, 2006, 10:31:49 PM »
Hello everyone,

Iím a law school student in Taiwan and Iíve applied for some US law schools. After being accepted by several schools, I decided to attend University of Houston because of financial concerns.

However, after I wrote Cardozo that I will not be able to enroll in their school, the Assistant Director of Admissions wrote me a kind letter that she could make a proposal to the scholarship committee for me. And I was informed that I have been selected to receive $10,000 scholarship. This is really a surprise! :o

But now Iím so confused. I want to study for an IP LL.M. cause I intend to become an IP profession in Taiwan after completing my graduate study. I also want to take the NY bar and try to find an intern before I go back to Taiwan for work. What should I do? I really need some suggestions. Thanks a lot!

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