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Pursuing an LLM / TAX LLM from NYU, UF, Gtown
« on: February 01, 2009, 02:35:00 PM »
I am certain that I would like to obtain an LLM in tax from one of the top three schools.  I am seeking advice from folks who might give me some insight on what is required for admissions (preferably from those who have applied and have been accepted/rejected).

I would prefer to go part-time, since I have a big-law job and would like to keep it while I'm taking classes.  I know UF does not have a part-time program.  I attend a law school that is at the bottom of the first tier.  I am not sure what of where I will be ranked once I graduate, but I am certain it will at least be in the top 30-50% and maybe higher. 

Were your personal statements geared toward your interest in tax law? Must you be ranked at the top of your class? How many (if any) tax classes did you take in law school?  How well did you do in the tax classes you took in law school?  How rigorous is the program?

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