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We just made this ad and most people we've showed it to have loved it, but most of those people aren't law students.  Any thoughts you guys have would be much appreciated, if this one goes over well we will do a little more work on it and make 3 or 4 more.  Try and cut it from 45 seconds to 30.

It's safe for work, so don't worry about that.

Current Law Students / I need a little help, willing to pay for it!
« on: January 24, 2006, 08:09:26 AM »
As some of you know, lately I started <a href=''>[/url] to help law students find jobs.  Things are going pretty well, but it's getting late in the recruiting season and we want to get the word out to more schools fast.

What we decided to do is make a flyer and ask people to put it up at their school.  For everyone that signs up you get $5, you get a $50 bonus if 10 people sign up (for a total of $100), a $150 bonus if 20 people sign up (for a total of $250) and a $700 bonus if 75 people sign up from your school (for a total of $1075.) 

We really want to get the word out, and all you have to do is print out some flyers and put them up, you don't have to answer questions about it or anything like that.  If you are interested e-mail me, or PM me on here and I'll send em to you.

Current Law Students / Anyone here a BAR/BRI or PMBR rep?
« on: January 12, 2006, 05:59:59 PM »
If so, how much do they pay you?  Does it take a lot of work?

We were thinking a student rep program would be a really cool thing to do to get the word out but we aren't sure exactly how to structure it.  Figuring out how those companies do it would definitely help!


Current Law Students / Anyone still looking for summer jobs?
« on: December 30, 2005, 01:17:54 PM »
Hey guys, I hope this isn't considered spam...  My company has recently up an internet service that saves students a lot of time in the job search process and can really increase your chances of getting hired. We're trying to get the word out quickly without being obnoxious, so sorry if this post kinda reads like an ad. 

Basically it allows you to search through 1500 firm offices (only 800 or 900 if you are a 1L, as some offices don't hire 1Ls.) You uncheck whichever firms you don't want to apply to, click send and your resume and a customized cover letter is sent off to all the firms that remained selected.

The link is

If you were planning on using some kind of mail merge, this will save you a lot of time over the mail merge process- I spent a couple days my 1L year printing out letters and licking envelopes, it was just too time-consuming.

With this service you just have to send in your resume and cover letter, spend 20 minutes to an hour going through firms, click the Send button and you're done! It saved me a lot of time last year (I wrote a scaled down version for myself just to see if it would work) and I got great results. Also, the e-mails look like they come from your e-mail address (the customized cover letter text is the e-mail body and the resume is an attachment)- the firms don't know you're using us.

This is a great tool to save you guys time and get your resume out there. If you've had a hard time getting an in with a firm (and this is very common, especially among 1Ls), use AtB to send your resume out to 500 or 600 firms. Even if you only have a 5% response rate (that's a very low estimate) that's 25 callbacks- more than most people can handle.

I wrote a more detailed guide to getting a job on the site, so check it out if you're interested. Any suggestions and comments are also very welcome. We're thinking about setting up a student rep program for next year, so leave a message on here or e-mail us. You can catch me on AIM at ATBSupport.

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