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Transferring / Northeastern
« on: September 11, 2005, 01:10:32 PM »
I am now in my third week at a low T2 school.  I have known since before day one that I want to transfer to Northeastern in Boston (mid T2) at the end of my first year.  Has anyone transferred into Northeastern?  Are there particular activities I should be pursuing?

What kind of grades (and rank) will I need to go from low T2 to a mid T2?  Will I need to be in top 10% top 20%?  I anticipate my grades being lower than I would expect because I spend so much of my time concentrating on how much I hate the town I am in now I am not being as efficient as I should in studying.  I have tried to make up with this in volume. 

What would be the major disadvantages of transferring down?  For instance, what about transferring to Suffolk? 

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