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Current Law Students / Delaware v. MBCA
« on: November 26, 2006, 12:48:43 PM »
Does anyone have a good straightforward chart (or something) that highlights the main differences between Delaware corp law and the MBCA?

My Business Entitites professor has all but promised we will be tested on both, and I'm having a hard time sussing out/keeping clear what the differences are.

Any help would be much appreciated -


Does anyone have a straightforward method of applying the RAP?  A roadmap, a system, something? It's about as intuitive as calculus as far as I can tell.

Has anyone out there figured out a way to parse future interests? I'm struggling specifically with the difference between the condition subsequent that marks a vested remainder subject to divestment, and condition precedent that defines a contingent remainder subject to condition precedent. What makes a condition precedent and not subsequent?  It's inexplicable, I tell you.  Any help would be appreciated.

Current Law Students / How to recover from my first final?
« on: August 03, 2005, 11:44:08 AM »
Took my Crim Law final last night.
All in all, it blew, I think.
I feel like I did not have an opportunity to show what I had learned. The multiple choice section was very difficult, the shades of gray in the answers were almost indiscernible to me. He had told us weíd have to pick the best answer, that more than one would be right. I can honestly say that I am only sure of getting 5 of the 16 correct.

And the essay section had very little meat to it, it was just degrees of homicide, basically. What  about conspiracy, attempt, rape, felony-murder, accomplice liability? We didnít get to write about any of those. I learned so much and the final sucked.I wish we could have used our notes or outlines or something....
And at one point he told me Iíd do fine, that I Ďgot ití and should do well! And he said he wouldnít trick us, or test us on stuff we didnít study (which I guess he didn't...)And he was such a great professor. We loved him, he was so patient with us and so enthusiastic...
And I loved class!  I feel cheated somehow.
My grade is going to suck. I donít want to be an average student, I have to do things very well or else I beat myself up.
Like now.
I actually thought, going in, I might be one of the ones to pull an A out of this class. Iím just so disappointed in myself I could cry.
Sorry to run on.
Has anyone else ever felt this way?

Hello all, I am a freshly hatched 1L taking Criminal Law. It was making sense there for a while, but now I am truly confused. My professor is having us compare elements of statutes against the MPC definitions, in order to establish mens rea. I think. If the MPC is not law, then why are we doing this? I don't inderstand/know what the overarrching goal is here. Can anyone offer guidance?

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