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Job Search / Timing Sucks
« on: June 23, 2005, 09:19:30 PM »
I don't know about you guys, but I think this whole OCI/fall recruiting/summer associate thing is bull. I mean, I received several offers for a summer associate position after my second year and chose one that I *thought* would be "the one." it turned out it was the worst experience in my life. I withdrew my name (and probably wouldn't have gotten the offer) and then basically screwed myself.

Most large firms hire out of their summer associate pool and if you didn't like your firm or didn't get an offer, you're marked with a huge red flag on your head. Then you are stuck with midtier firms or whatever that pay way less. The OCI at my school had 99% interviews for 2Ls and only a few small dinky schools for 3Ls so I had to do targeted mailings. I only targeted one city (nyc), I know, it was stupid. only got 2 call backs and no body wanted to hire me school is in the midwest (all coasts hate the midwest, don't get jumpy or defensive, it's just the plain stupid fact). So...I didn't get a job. All the large firms have hired by then. That means, the next cycle to get hired is a whole freakin' year (until next fall). So what the hell?

Have any of you recent grads found any jobs who didn't have one lined up since fall? This is really ridiculous. Not to toot my own horn (believe me, it's really not that great of a horn) but I have stats that should land me a 6 figure job easily but my timing is off. In fact, I turned down a call back for several 6 figure firms last year because I already accepted my stupid summer associate position at the number one evil firm in the world. This timing thing sucks. You may be more qualified than some of their entry level lawyers, but because they were summers there, they got hired. OR, the firm might be a capacity even though your stats are just as good or better than some of their attorneys.

Any comments? (please don't tell me I sound pissed or whatever, I know. constructive comments please). any advice or true stories to help cheer me up and give me hope that I'll get a job instead of having to wait until the next fall recruiting cycle??

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