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For a couple of the applications, I was asked if I was interested in financial aid. Is this the same as scholarship money or does it relate to family status, financial burdens, etc?

For what it's worth, I clicked, "no, I am not interested in financial aid." I sure hope this doesn't cost me some scholarship $. D'oh!


Has anybody else just taken the easy way out and said, "Please see attached resume."

I hope I'm not the only one --- I don't want to be offending adcomms.

What's the point of filling this out when all the information is nice and neat in your resume?

Just curious about how many of you made a personal statement that was signicantly different for each school that you applied to.

In some instances, there are schools that really match all the criteria that I am looking for. In that case, I have given them a paragraph listing what about that school attracts me. In other cases, I'm applying for other less important factors, such as cost, location, distance from girlfriend, etc... and am probably just going to give a fairly standard PS without any elaboration as to why that schools attracts me.

What is proper in these cases?


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