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Transferring / FYI (Experience): Non-ABA to ABA School
« on: June 15, 2005, 09:23:41 AM »
The following item (see link, below) was posted on the Nashville School of Law board.  I repeat the item here for your information. 

Abstract: It is possible to switch from a non-ABA school to one that is certified, with many caveats.  If accepted, expect to discard all your prior law school credits and start over.  Some schools add additional restrictions or will not allow students with prior non-ABA experience to apply there under any set of conditions.  Also expect the application process to be more complex.  However, you may not have to repeat your LSAT.

All the best,

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Current Law Students / ABA-certified school: Worth starting over?
« on: March 19, 2005, 10:13:56 PM »
Hello, all,   :D

I need to provide a quick background before I present my question for your consideration.  And it is this: I am about to complete the second year in a four-year program at Nashville School of Law (NSL), so I am almost halfway there.  Unfortunately, NSL does not have any certification with the American Bar Association (ABA).  Meanwhile, there is a significant possibility that my employer may ask me to relocate up to Michigan, because my existing position was made redundant just this past week.

So here's the thing:  Just for the sake of keeping my options open, I've got applications into three Detroit area schools: Wayne State University, University of Detroit Mercy, and Thomas M. Cooley, all of which appear to be ABA certified.  But all three schools have indicated that none of my existing credits will transfer, which in turn means that I would effectively start over.

I will accept as true, for purposes of this discussion, that an ABA-certified school will always be better than a school without such a certification.  My question is: Is that alone enough to justify the time and expense in starting over?  Or would I be better off trying to find another job in Tennessee, and see the remaining two years out as to my existing school? 

Thanks much in advance,

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