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I am south east Asian woman, have a BA (from China) and MBA (from Canada).

- If I want to practice international and business law, will I have a better chance with a USA school than a Canadian, just because USA has more opportunities and business interaction with other countries, especially China in the future, but Canadian is not at the forefront of opening up opportunities.

- Is that right the better the ranking of the school, the better chance to get into large law firm?

- I am very entrepreneurial, if corporate law does not work for me, I would like to get into private practice in business law to serve small/medium business clients? I could not find comparison of the money between large firm and private practice, anyone could suggest?

- Would work experience help? I have somewhat legal experience and business experience.

- Do both USA and Canadian schools have quotas for minorities and/or womean? I know I will be catorized as mature student by most Canadian law school, but what about USA?

- Would graudate degree help? MBA is course based and graded on a strict basis. I have my GPA 3.3 in undergradate and 3.5 for graduate. I will write LSAT in December, estimate it to be around 155.

Any suggestion, thanks. 

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