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Financial Aid / money for law school
« on: July 25, 2005, 01:18:31 PM »
I'm new to the forums and would like to ask a question about getting money to pay for law school.  Currently I am practicing for the LSAT and starting applications. My question concerns some of the numbers I have seen on concerning the money people are recieving from law schools.  I have noticed that people who have similar LSAT scores and GPAs are getting money from schools like L&C.  They say they are getting 8k a year or 10K and so on.  What does this mean?  Are they being given scholarship money because of LSAT score and GPA?  Does their race play a factor? 

Unfortunately for me I am white, male, and my paretns have a lot of money.  Furthermore, they have no intentions of helping me pay for school.  Are these scholarships common?  Can you get them if you go to a school whose average LSAT is lower than yours?  I have many question about this but I do not know where to start

Thank you for any help

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