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Law School Admissions / Re: Foreign student needs advice plz.
« on: July 21, 2005, 11:26:36 AM »
What the f*ck was the point of that post, you stupid b*tch?? yeah, I have HEARD of some US law schools, but HEARING about is quite different from knowing about. Especially since I am more interested in the mid-range schools that have nowhere near the name recogniton of a Harvard or Yale. I have no clue what set off your little hissy fit, but in the future keep your mouth shut, no one wants to hear that sh*t.

Sociology is a pseudo-science. And even that is being VERY generous. In reality, a more appropriate description is something along the lines of total sh*t. Its nothing more than liberal indoctrination taught in universities.

3peat, what the f*ck are you talking about? I have a 174 LSAT and a 3.55 GPA with 1 year of undergrad to go. I am going to have my pick of schools, and likely more than you.

Why are you making a point of kissing steve112sms's a$$ after you just mocked his intelligence 5 minutes ago? Sounds like you just found out he lives in the same city as you, and frantically retracted your lame insult. And what the f*ck is "Cooley"?

There should really be no debate about it; if you are an URM you are a lock for HYS that would get a white guy laughed at. The real issue is about whether this practice is equitable, and an effective way of eliminating the higher rates of poverty certain minorities face. And I believe that after 20 or so years of AA, that that question has been answered with a resounding NO!

DMG is just mad b/c he's canadian, get over it.

lex, go f*ck yourself. If you had half a brain you would be able to get into lawschool on your own merit and not need this bullsh*t.

I have supported it just fine.  I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of outrage against AA and ignorance of legacy admits.

Learn more about the history of the US and racism and then get back to me.  Walk a mile in the shoes of the oppressed and then talk to me.  Until then, you know too little and are hardly in a position to judge from your ivory tower.

So when you use the word "oppressed" you are actually refering to specific races of people. Thats painting with a pretty wide brush, don't you think? Also, it is quite telling that you jump to the conclusion that I live in some "ivory tower". What basis, other than the colour of my skin do you have to make that assumption? Your soft bigotry only highlights the racism behind AA.

None-the-less, the fairness or unfairness of a "legacy" admit does not make AA any less acceptable. The fact that this has somehow gotten injected into this argument by the proponents of AA shows how weak their rationale for supporting this racist garbage is.

The law, and the constitution of Canada (and I presume the US) claim to protect discrimination on the basis of several grounds. These include race, ethnicity, sex, religion, and probably a few more. However, I am quite confident that nowhere is the alma matar of someone's dad an off limit area for discrimination.

I don't even know what a "legacy admit" is.    ???

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