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Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06 - let the festivities begin
« on: August 03, 2005, 09:24:22 AM »
If you ever wonder about events at the HUSL... well it has officially started...
SEPTEMBER 9th.     
 (other schools will be invited to attend as well.)

I expect to see NONE of you all there... you should be in the LIBR studying... don't get caught up LOL!

Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06
« on: July 24, 2005, 10:12:23 AM »
If you want to get your t-shirts before coming to school... I suggest that you do! 

Just a reminder, you can still order "I'm A HUSL'A" T-Shirts ...
Shirts are available at the following website:
For now, shirts come in Red and Blue, sizes X-Small to 2X.
Check the site regularly for new items soon to come (Long-sleeve shirts, sweats, etc.)
To place an order you must use a credit card and have a registered account with PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, follow the directions at checkout to create one.
****Shipping cost may be added based on quantity****

For customizations and inquries please contact us at

Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06
« on: July 22, 2005, 03:02:27 PM »
Is there a cafeteria available on the law school campus? I know during the open house we had lunch in a dining area, but I couldn’t conclude if it actually served and prepared food.

Si Senor.  The Cafe does prepare and serve food.  In addition to eating you also have wireless internet... (wonderful .. because you would most likely still have work to prepare before classes begin :)  Also, we have Soul Food Thursdays...!!!!  The day I live for!

Oh, I won't be back the first week of classes... I need a vacation.  I worked at a firm all summer long :( 

But be safe and stay SANE!


Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06
« on: July 20, 2005, 01:19:08 PM »
HUSL 2007 - Can you please say a few things about the 2 week Intensive Legal Methods class?  How to prepare, what it's like, what you got out of it, any other thoughts, etc.


After a grueling 21 Hrs second semester first year... I must say that I hated the INTENSE Legal Methods program...

I would read Getting To Maybe and an exam taking book (can't remember the name of the book - well I think it has something like 8 secrets) by Charles Whitebread. 

I would read those before coming to school...

But most importantly... PLEASE SLEEP!  Seriously... I am currently starting to ween myself off of too much sleep this summer.. so I can get back to rare form of having 4 hrs sleep a night... As they say at Howard... if you have getting more than 5 hrs sleep... (I think Broussard said 3 hrs) you are doing something wrong...


Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06
« on: July 19, 2005, 12:23:22 PM »
I am not looking forward to that. >:(  How did you keep your concentration when the weather was getting nice after a long winter.... :-[ :-[

Question 2: Yes, you HAVE to take 21hrs your spring semester... it is NO joke, but hard work pays off.

I stayed in the LIBR. all the time... and I would take brief walks around campus when I am taking breaks..

But for the most part I stayed at the LIB...

Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06
« on: July 19, 2005, 11:52:55 AM »

I'm seriously considering howard and I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer. How long after you applied did you find out about scholarship info? Also I heard you have to take 21 hours in the spring of your first year is this true? Where do most of the students seem to live? Also although I'm not a republican I do lean on the conservative side on several issues. Will I have a problem at howard because of it? Finally how much is the social life at the law school like the undergrad? Thank you for your time.


Question 1: At the time of acceptance or after negotiating!

Question 2: Yes, you HAVE to take 21hrs your spring semester... it is NO joke, but hard work pays off.

Question 3: Most students live in the Metro DC area and Maryland (Silver Spring)

Question 4: That is the beauty about law school.. you are there to express your reviews... I have classmates who are Republicans... and we love dem just the same... So NO it would not be an issue... I am conservative myself on many issues...

Question 5: Social life can be like undergrad if you make it that way.  I had ZERO social life... and I mean ZERO!  I wanted to be at the top of the class and had to work hard to make it there...I am happy now cuz when I graduate, I can party as much as I want :)  But trust me there would a party every weekend... and the 3L Thursdays are a treat (at least that's what I hear)...

I hope my answers helped you out...


Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06
« on: July 06, 2005, 11:51:34 AM »
Hi im new to this board and I had several questions for HUSL2007 about howard law school. I'm from D.C. I have a 157 LSAT and a 3.8 GPA from a small private school. I was a military intelligence analyst for 4 years. Do I have a decent shot at admissions and if so is a scholarship possible? Also I noticed the abnormally high starting salary at howard law school (105,000 last time I checked.) Is that correct? I spent a few days looking at top law firms and don't see to many howard graduates but I did notice they had a higher amount of people go into the business sector. I was just hoping someone could explain this to me. Thank you for your time everyone.

Disclaimer:  I have no knowledge about tehe admissions criteria at Howard Law.  Any opinion offered my me about Howard is in no way indicative of Howard's admissions criteria. 

Now that I have gotten the disclaimer out of the way...

Yes I think you stand a good chance of getting into Howard Law with a scholarship.  The top 40% of Howard Grads end up a biglaw and medium law firms.  If you are at least in the top 25% of the class you stand a good chance of starting at 105K, this of course is subject change base on where you decide to work.. example NY biglaw averages at 125K, Chicago 115-125K, atlanta 105-110K.

The decision on where you want to work after lawschool is a personal decision.  Frankly I know people at the top of the class that would refuse a job at a biglaw.   And I know people who are not in the top of the class that get jobs at top US law firms... some students want to do international human rights... while others want a 9-5 government job.  If you know what you want, then you work for what you want.  I like to keep my options open... so I stay in the top of my class... in the event I want to do biglaw...

I would suggest that you take time out to think about your choice of law school.  I would suggest you call the dean... meet with him... and apply on the spot if you are pleased... I am happy with my choice... As Jdohno said.. there are many NYU and Columbia grads at biglaw... and while this is no surprise to me... there are just not many BLACK nyu and columbia grads at biglaw.  Based on my experience (meager at best) I noticed this summer at my firm (biglaw) that we had 5 howard grads but only like 3 vandy, 2 emory BLACK attys.  Now you do the math... seems like somebody is recruiting heavily at HUSL... further, I noticed that a lot of people SLEEP on HUSL...

Trust me if you attend... you will be so surprised at the level of intensity and learn at HUSL... I can't get any better than being a HUSLer!



So, are you planning to mentor a 1L next year (hint, hint ;))?  Roxie needs a mentor....

Roxie, I prefer not to have an assigned mentee.  I will help you succeed.  You can claim me as your mentor... but I won't hide the ball from other students that seek my help.  I don't think it would be fair... since my mentor had other people she would help out.  Send me a PM and I will give you my number... you can call before you start school or after you start school... I will help you.  Be safe and get lots of sleep!

HUSL, did you do the classroom or did you just buy the tapes/cd's for leews?


Hello fellow BLSDers!  I am actually the original poster.  I mentioned this a while back, but in another thread.  Sorry for the confusion.  As for my decision, I ended up paying the deposit at Howard and the 1st and 2nd seat deposits at Georgetown, only because my current employer suggested I send a formal request asking the company to foot the bill.  No word yet and I'm really getting down to the wire on this decision.  As I sit at work today, I really feel that Howard's offering fits better with the path I'd like to take (minimal debt, no commitment to my current employer or pressure to practice IP or Patent law).  

HUSL2007 - thanks for sharing your experiences Soror  ;).  I got soooo excited while reading your post.  Between staying on top of all the logistics of entering law school this fall and working full time, I've hardly given myself a chance to sit back and appreciate the great experience that I'll be embarking on.  Your post is inspiring and brought back the excitement that's gotten lost in all the stress of making this decision.  Do you mind sharing how you met and partnered with your mentor?  

Thanks everyone for your comments and I'll be sure and let you all know when I've DEFINATELY made a decision.

Finding My Mentor

At the beginning of the Fall semester I was paired with a upperclassmen.  She had way too much going on.  So I decided "I don't need a mentor!" "I got through undergrad without one and still was at the top of my class."  Around the middle of the semester... when EVERYONE was talking about outlining and synthesizing the rules, I was crying and pulling my hair out.  I needed someone to talk to about the way I was feeling. 

I had a lot of help from other students.  And I made a lot of friends but no one would push me and yell at me and give me tough love.

Well... one day in the Rhatt (student center) I was talking to my study partner and this student walked up to us because she heard us talking about LEEWS (an lawschool exam writing prep class) and she told us that we should take it.  And then she left.

I paid her no attention, took the advice and signed up for LEEWS...

It was unbelivable... I left LEEWS with some insight into preparing for finals.

I searched for the girl... asked my study partner... got the name... sent her an email.. and the rest is history.

She is the sweetest, smartest, most disciplined person I know at the law school.  I mean.. there are other students with those characteristics... but I know MY mentor.

She taught me how to take class notes... she told me the date I should start my outlines... she told me when to stop outlining... and believe it or not... she stayed up with me studying.  So my study partner, my mentor and I studied together.  When I need to study and my study partner couldn't make it ... she would be there... when her study partners could not make it she would call me to stay up with her. 

At the end of my first semester... I had wonderful grades... but not stellar (some would disagree but I don't think my grades where stellar).

I cried and complained... and she said she would slap the hell out of me (she has a weird sense of humor)... because I had great grades!

She helped me get my stuff together... showed me how to effectively prepare for an open book and close book examination.  She final showed me her secret to exam writing (must be tweaked for each professor)... My grades this semester were stellar!  She is wonderful... she told me what to do at my interviews, what to wear, what not to wear... it might sound crazy... but I don't have time to reinvent the wheel... I am working at a top firm in a major city (as a 1L - rising 2L)

My mentor has become a sister to me...

She said I would make the top 25%... I made that and exceeded that...

I wish that everyone could find a mentor like the one I had for the first year of law school and she will continue to be that mentor throughout my life. 


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