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Financial Aid / William & Mary Loans
« on: July 30, 2005, 06:33:23 PM »
Does anyone know the maximum loan amount authorized by WM?

I was in the military and still am in the reserves. I was also an intel officer and then an infantry officer. Did you resign your commission? You can go to William & Mary, or UVA and the National Guard will pay for it. Plus, you can be a JAG officer while you are in law school, which seems like a pretty sweet gig, and you won't get deployed while you are JAG in law school.

Another question I have is where you did your undergrad. I think that makes a big difference in where you can get in.

I am pulling my hair out. I got into Emory, William & Mary, and Vandy. I applied in March and have a 170 LSAT. I know that if I wait another year I can get into a T14, but I want to start. Tomorrow, i will want to wait a year and save money.

Thanks for your help.

I wish you had included your gpa because its hard to say what to do if I can't predict if you will make T14.  I would 3.6 and over and you got a decent shot at the lower T14, anything lower and probably not.  You actually got into a few decent schools with Vandy being the gem.  If I had your options I would rank them this way 1) Vandy 2) Year off 3) W&M 4) Emory, but I am young (22) and like Vandy.  I am going to W&M next year and am very excited about it.  I had always assumed I was going to University of Maryland Law School and thats what I told people all thru colleges and they I somewhat shocked myself by picking W&M so decisions are not always logical.  Just go with your gut, you know your goals and aspirations best.
Yeah...I have a 3.56 according to LSDAS from a top 10 undergrad school.

This is simple:  If you really like any of the schools that accepted you this year, then go. But if not, then wait.  From what I've read, transferring is much harder than getting in the front door.

It's really not that simple...I want to go to LS, and I am getting old...I'll be 30 next year. I don't want to be in my 30s in law school. I probably make more now than i will coming out of law school, working at a private firm and i am getting comfortable. I am worried that if i don't go this year, i won't go.

I could really use some advice. I took the LSAT in February and scored 170. I ended up applying late to a few schools in March. I got in at William & Mary, Emory and Vandy. I am really only considering W&M and Emory, because I didn't like Vandy when I went. I am still not sure whether I want to go next year. I have a high enough GPA that I believe I could get into a T14 if I wait a year. I am wondering whether I should go to a school I am not psyched about and try to transfer, or if I should wait. Thanks.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Why is everyone's GPA so high?
« on: June 24, 2005, 06:49:18 PM »
The admissions process sucks unless you have a really high GPA and a really high LSAT score.

The statement that neither Emory nor W&M are ideal for NYC is an understatement.  Schools ranked noticeably higher (let's resist the urge to start a "why the rankings mean nothing" fight here) than either school still have trouble placing people outside of the top 20% or Law Review in NYC firm jobs.  There are too many great, good, and decent schools in the northeast to justify a firm spending a whole lot of money recruiting or flying people up from Virginia or ATL.  If you are hellbent on going to NYC, a desire I cannot even begin to understand, I would say your best bet would be to transfer up.  Both schools will put you in a good position to transfer up to a GULC, UVA, NYU, etc., assuming that you do very well at whichever school you choose.  Though I am generally against transferring, it seems to be the best option given your desire to go to NYC and choice between schools.  So, given that both schools, arguably, place equally as well in the other markets, I would say go to whichever school is the most comfortable and affordable to you first year and try to transfer, or just realize that you're happy where you're at and don't want to go to that disaster of a city in NY.

That was a smart post. The reason I want NYC is because my fiancee is from there and after taking her away from her home for a few years, I would like to give her the option of going back to friends and family. I applied really late to law school. I applied in March - past both schools deadlines. I originally planned to go in Fall '06, but my work situation changed and I decided to apply. I'm still employed, but not happy with work. My target school is Columbia or NYU, but applying in March, I didn't have a chance at getting in.

Currently, my plan is to kick ass in the Fall and then transfer. However, I know that things don't always work out as planned and want to be happy if things fall through / I don't do as well as hoped. I have been to Williamsburg a few times and thought it was ok. I haven't visited the W&M law school...I am more of a city person. I have yet to visit Emory.

I guess the whole transfer thing adds another variable to the mix, making things even more complicated...big sigh

I find it interesting that Emory is not sending me any info until I send in my deposit. Is that so if I decide not to go, they don't have to report me as an admitted student who didn't attend? Isn't that a misrepresentation?

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