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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Catholic WL - FYI
« on: July 21, 2005, 09:25:41 AM »
Does this mean they are not tkaing anyone else off the waitlist? Does anyone know about part-time?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Suffolk Wait List
« on: June 15, 2005, 07:41:14 AM »
Very interesting. Can I ask what your numbers are? I am on the waitlist too, and have been in touch with the Director of Admissions every 2-3 weeks. After speakign with him yesterday, I was told that they were overbooked with numbers and the waitlist would probably carry out through the durationof the summer. How did you get the Dean to accept you??? Any suggestions?

Here's a quick bio: I have taken the LSATs 3 times and have a 144, 148 and 148. My GPA 9is 3.5 from the George Washington University and I have two master's degrees from the London School of Economics (merit) and the Unviersity of Southern California (3.8 GPA).  I've also lived overseas in Japan for a year and have work experience with the government and trade associations. Please advise!!!

Can I ask how they let you set up an appointment with an admissions committee rep? I am on the waiting list at Catholic and have sent letters of continued interest, had at least 15 extra reccomendations from high level folks at the FCC and law firm partners write in, and have spoken to faculty. I had an appointment set up with the dean and his secretary called me the next morning to say he didn't want to be invovled in the admissions process (there is no dean of admissions, just the dean of the law school and the director of admissions, who already knows me).  Any advice on how to score that kind of meeting???

Did someone just write that Catholic is starting to reject people? When was your later dated???

Waitlisted at 4 schools: Catholic, New England, Suffolk, and Stetson. No word yet.

Originally Posted by jennsh
I need some advice from folks going through the law school application process.

Here are the facts. I have been waitlisted at 4 schools (Syracuse, Catholic- PT, New England, Suffolk-PT) and rejected from 20. I graduated undergrad at GW with a 3.4 and took the LSATs three times. I've also used private tutoring from both Princeton Review and TestMasters. My scores were 144, 148, and 148. I also have 2 graduate degrees from the Annenebrg School for COmmunication at the University of Socuthern California (3.8) and also the London School of Economics (merit)

I really want to go to Catholic becasue they have an Insitute on Communications Law. I have interned at the Federal Communications Commission and the Consumer Electroics Association. I even joined the Federal Communications Bar Association as a graduate student (they wouldn't let me at first) and I have been very involved - even got a scholarship to their annual conference here in Washington. I don't know what to do to get off the Catholic waitlist. I send updates at least every 2 weeks (about FCBA seminars I attend, volunteer events I am doing, etc) I have already gotten partners from law firms at top FCC folks to send in additioanl letters of recommendation. Catholic has writing samples from me as well. I should mention that I did apply to schools in my reach and got rejected (U of Toledo, Vermont, Depaul, etc.. Stetson- was summer waitlisted but they are going to go to the WL)

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I already applied to law school right out of college and got rejected (from all the wrong schools) so this is my 2nd try. Is it worth it to try and put off law school even more and find some miracle to take the lsats again? Please advise!! I also included in my application how I have been working in tobacco control for the past 14 years and even got the London School of Econmics to go smoke-free.

Any advice is welcome.. But don't tell me not to go to law school. I;ve already gotten that lecture from some friends. If I didn't want to go, I wouldn't be trying so hard.

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