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I am a 3L who is pretty fed up with law school and having to deal with on an everyday basis the inept students who bask themselves in the phony prestige that is a 'legal education.' I'm tired of the law review douches, the public intrest bs'ers, trial team fools, and the idiots who think they're gonna make it big when no one really cares.

Who's with me?

So today I withdrew from UK and I am heading down to FL tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for all the advice. Just wanted to give the update...wish me luck!

I just found out that I wouldn't have to pay tuition until the loans came in. So that's a plus. But to answer some questions--yes, if I didn't transfer I would rather be in FL. And if I couldn't get a job in NYC, Florida would be the next best thing for me (I don't plan at all to work in KY).  Basically the problem is the HUGE hassle of moving RIGHT NOW, not having a place in FL right away, the cost of the move, the stress, etc etc.  What really worries me is that I don't want to look back and think, oh I could have been at UFlorida; or that future job prospects really see a difference between UK and UF. IF they don't, then I don't think it's worth it...but I dont know that.  Thanks for the input, please keep it coming  ::)

I just got a call today and UF took me off the waitlist for Fall 2005 (beg. THIS TUESDAY) Meaning I'd miss orientation.  I just moved out to Kentucky from FL (where I am a resident) to go to UK law school out here--on in-state scholarship.  I have everything set up here and it cost me $3000 already to move up here. To get out of my apartment lease would cost me $2000, plus I would have to hire movers to come out and get me into some apt that I haven't even signed with or looked at yet in Gainesville, FL.  In a matter of 3 days, therefore, I would have to pick up and leave everything here, find an apartment, and begin classes--a total of about $6000 to move and sign a new lease. Plus I would have to dish out another $6000 for a semester of tuition because my govt loans wont transfer quick enough. The question is then is it worth it? Do I go to FL (ranked 41--and $4000 cheaper a year for a resident) OR do I stay at Kentucky (ranked 53)??
I have my family in FL, but I do not plan on working there, I want to end up in New York City (I went to NYU undergrad).  So either way, I was looking into maybe transfering to a better law school at the end of the first year (whether I attend UF of UK), because where I want to go is New York (but I didn't get into the schools of choice there before).
Would UF have better connections than UK for getting me to NYC? either as a transfer or as a job at the end?
AND: is UF that much better in the rankings than UK that it would matter, given that it's still not T14??
I have a friend lawyer from yale, older, who says "drop everything and go to UF, hands down its a better name, its hard enough to get in there to begin with"...but I don't know what to do! ???  I have 2 days to make a decision...please help, any input would be great

Hello all!
I have a tough decision to make and would like any input.  My LSAT numbers are no good (150), I have a 3.47 GPA from NYU. I have heard from most of the schools I applied to, and have narrowed it down to 3: University of Kentucky (ranked 50th) New York Law School (3rd Tier) or Nova Southeastern in Ft. Lauderdale (4th Tier).  I am originally from FL, where my family and long-time bf are, but I did study in NYC for 4 years which is why I am considering returning for NYLS. I am almost positive I want to practice in FL (and if not there, NYC) I most def. DO NOT want to practice in Kentucky of any of the surrounding areas. I am on hold at FSU, if I were accepted I would go there hands down--but it doesn't look good. 
Some pple tell me to wing it and go to the top ranked school (UK) just because of that--its ranking--but I dread the thought of living in the tiny town of Lexington after living in NYC and not having a very diverse group of classmates (I am Hispanic and feel more at home in places like Miami or NY)
Some say to go to NOVA because it is where I want to study (but I hate that it is ranked so LOW...however their facilities are the best I've seen, and I did visit all those schools and a number of others). I hear very mixed reviews about NOVA and how it is regarded in FL, most of them not good. :-\
NYLS has the positive of being in Manhattan, which is a city I love, --and being diverse-- but it is VERY expensive and the cost of living is very HIGH...I would be in debt about $130,000 if I chose to attend there. 
UK gave me an in-state scholarship, NYLS gave me $10,000/yr granted I maintain a 3.2 avg. Nova is about $25,000/yr; they gave me nothing, it would also be all loans, leaving me with about a debt of $106,000.
OR, FINALLY, some have said to WAIT a year, work and re-apply, retake the LSAT (though I probably won't score higher than 155/156-- if that at all), and endure the application process all over again.
If it means anything-- in all honesty, my dream schools would be NYU Law/Fordham, or FSU/U Miami if I was sure I would stay in FL, but these, as we all know, are hard to come by. I thought about transfering, but first year of law I hear is very hard and you have to have the grades to make these schools...which isn't something I can depend on.
Okay so I know this is long, but even if you don't read all the details, please give me some advice and vote!
Thanks so much!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Kentucky vs. New York Law
« on: May 20, 2005, 04:17:56 PM »
I am thinking about going to NYLS.  I want to practice in FL or NYC and NOT in KY.  Univ of Kentucky is in the middle of nowhere, and though many say it's just 3 years, it's a whole lot more than that when you are stuck somewhere you don't like.  Be it top 50 as it may, I have no intention of working anywhere near KY or in it.  So I'm pretty sure I am going to end up at NYLS, despite the high price.  Having gone to school in the city for 4 years, it would kill me not to return.  Another area in which KY is lacking is diversity, and NYC has plenty. Thanks for the responses. :-*

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: NYC Rules
« on: May 20, 2005, 04:08:31 PM »
I totally know what you mean.  I also went to NYU (CAS) but am from FL, and NYC is def. the place to be.  I too got into NYLS, and I got waitlisted at Brooklyn.  I am seriously contemplating going to NYLS because it's in the city, so I feel you. 8) If it's where you want to end up, its prob your best bet. Good luck.

Incoming 1Ls / Kentucky?
« on: May 04, 2005, 07:18:49 AM »
Anyone going to Univ. of Kentucky in the fall? If so, why did you choose there?

Same here, I am waiting on FSU. I had my application in by mid-October. I called about a week and a half ago and they told me that they hoped to get them all out by the end of May!  I sent a letter of continued interest, but other than that it's just a waiting game. I feel you. :-[ I don't know about you, but I have second deposits due June 1st so it's getting tight...

Thank you for the input, celarkobri. I will have that letter in the mail very soon! I hope it makes a difference. :)

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