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1) Complete Set of New York BARBRI Books from Summer 2004 course.
--"Long volume" Multistate Outlines
--"Long volume" New York Outlines
--Conviser Mini Review
--Multistate Practice Questions volume
--Multistate Drills and Released Questions volume
--MPT Workbook
--New York Testing volume
--Simulated MBE volume
--Lecture Handout volume on computer disk/CD.
–ALSO includes CD of Multistate Workshop Intro and Essay Writing Workshop Intro
–ALSO includes MARINO New York Essay Advantage Workshop HANDOUT that was separate from course.
Excellent Condition – I did not highlight texts and have minimal pencil markings (because I was not able to do that many practice questions)

2) PMBR Multistate Workbook Volume 2 from 2003.
This volume provides additional practice questions for those taking other courses and most importantly—a full MBE exam. Contains:
--Mnemonic charts and issue graphs for each MBE subject
--100 practice questions for each MBE subject and explanations
--Complete Simulated MBE exam of 200 questions with explanations
--Section of caveats and tips across the different MBE subjects
Mint Condition—I did not highlight or mark in any way.

Contact with offers at the following:
I am in Virginia but will be in New York City this weekend April 30-May 1 and if you are in New York I could bring the books with me so that we could set up the sale for an in-person exchange.

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