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I have a few withdrawals on my transcript.  Do they count those as C's -- cause some people I read had their actual GPA (calculated by the undergrad school) lowered by LSAC?  This would suck, cause I worked hard for my 3.85 gpa.


Law School Admissions / How does The LSAC compute your GPA?
« on: March 06, 2004, 01:43:13 PM »
I have a few withdrawals on my transcript.  Do they count those as C's, cause some people I read had their actual GPA (calculated by the undergrad school) lowered by LSAC.  This would suck, cause I worked hard for my 3.85 gpa.


To Becca:  Why would you choose Cal Western over USD or TJSL?  Cal Western was just about to get their ABA pulled a couple weeks back.  From the sounds of it, they have very poor management.  I would like to be sure that my law school will still exist in 20 years. 

I have decided to go to work and go to school in San Diego, and possibly live in Tijuana.  USD is the prudent choice, hence my 1st choice.  Not much selection in S.D. for law schools and thus my 2nd choice is Thomas Jefferson (TJSL).  I am not even applying to Cal Western.  I should get into USD.  ALthough I know that I will be taking a gamble with TJSL even though they are CURRENTLY garnering a well-respected reputation.  Still they are a new school, small, and private -- there is not telling whether they will still be around in 5, 10, 20 years.

To LP4Law:  I am in the same boat as you. Although I feel confident about getting into a top 25 school like UCLA, USC, or Berkeley, my career is too valuable to pass up.  I don't want to be a professional attorney so much as I would like to be able to serve as general counsel for the companies that I will be starting in the near future.  I am definitely an entreprenuer.  Plus, I need to live in San Diego. 

Good luck to all of you.


IF GW is your Promised Land, then I would apply directly into it and not waste any time.  If you want to do IP work, I don't see why the GW JD and your BS would not be sufficient.  OTOH, if you don't get into GW the first time, perhaps taking the scenic route of the multiple masters you described might be something interesting to do and help you get into GW the 2nd time around.  If you are young under 25, then experience the scenic route -- why not?  If you are over 25, don't waste any time -- be as efficient as possible.

Rico ;)

Choosing the Right Law School / UNLV here I come!!!
« on: February 28, 2004, 09:54:20 PM »
Okay folks,

I am seriously considering debunking this whole elitist notion of top law school this, top law school that.  Don't call me a hater either cause I have not even applied to any law schools yet, nor taken the LSAT.  I have taken some Kaplan and ARCO practice tests and the problems seem too easy -- I was expecting more of a challenge. Sad to say, but one of my hobbies is doing those brain-teaser, logic problems you buy at the book store and they are way harder. 

Anyway, I am a senior at UCLA set to graduate with either a PoliSci or Socio major, with 6 more classes to go.  My GPA is currently 3.85.  I got this UNLV idea from the sitcom FRASER.  Anyone who is a FRASER fan will know what I am talking about -- Daphne's former fiance and Miles' lawyer is depicted as the best divorce attorney money can buy, but happens to be a UNLV law school grad. There was a whole bit on that in one episode that stuck with me.  Truth be told, UNLV didn't open its law school until Fall of 1998 and that episode was around that time so it isn't even a theoretical possibility.  FYI -- UNLV Law School just got its full ABA accreditation Feb 2003, and receive both provisional and full ABA blessings at the earliest possible time schedule.

My letters of recommendations are set; my personal statement is kickass (trust me!  A true story that will provide shock, awe, inspiration, drama and tears); I'll bring diversity to any school (whatever that means?!  :-); and my GPA won't be any lower that a 3.6 even if I slack off the next two quarters.  BTW, I am not Hispanic, not white, nor black. The only question is how high my graduating GPA will be and how good my LSAT ends up being. Oh, and my work experience: I have been a mortgage underwriter for two Fortune 500 banks the last two years and will be a licensed California real estate broker by next summer. 

One question for anyone reading this: I am originally a PoliSci and Sociology double major, but my current timeline only allows me to pick one (both requires the same amount of courses to graduate so remaining course load is not a consideration), so which one do I pick -- Poli Sci or Sociology???  I do equally well in both disciplines.  

I will be applying to UC Hastings, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Loyola, USD, and of course, UNLV.  I would like to stay in California, preferably going to USD since my girlfriend lives in Tijuana.  I will do what I can, but the rest is in God's hands.  Good luck to one and all in all your plans and endevours.

Rico  ;)

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