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What is your study schedule like and which study aids do you use?

I only seriously studied 1L,and have been seriously slacking 2L and 3L.

Right now I barely do my reading.

But 1L, I'd say I put in about 30-40 hours of schoolwork (including actual class time).  I used pretty much every study aid I could get my hands on.  But by far the best are outlines by other students who have taken the class with that professor and done well.

Have your fellow students had problems landing post-graduation jobs in the cities they want or at market pay?

I don't know that many people.  But the 3Ls I know of all got employment through OCI. 

There are a couple (actually 2 people I know) that did not land anything at OCI and are still unemployed.  They are just looking to resume their job search after the Bar.

1 guy I know struck out at OCI, but has been working for a solo since 2L, and he has an offer to work for him post graduation.

Should I fake my orgasims?

Sure, if you want the sex to end quickly

Were you ZAP?

No, I remember him though.  Cool dude.  Drove a Buick

what can you tell me about the summer job search in your own experience? did you have to do a lot of legwork on your own or did the law school help bring the employers to you? are the class percentages as stiff as people make them out to be or is there some flexibility based on character and uniqueness?

I relied completely on OCI, as pretty much every employer I was interested in came to my school.  I ended up accepting an offer with one of those firms.

However, there were some firms in some smaller cities I was interested in, so I shot off an resume via email to them.  Some of these employers seemed pretty receptive and willing to set up an interview, but I ended up accepting an offer with another employer so none of these came to fruition. 

I personally was within the grade requirements traditionally required by the employer.  However, judging by others' experiences, yes, there is quite a bit of flexibility.  Of course, if you are well beneath their requirements, then it's pretty much an auto-ding.  However, usually the situation is the employer would "like a 3.4", and you end up getting an offer with a 3.2.  That kind of thing happens and didn't seem THAT rare at my school.  IMO though, beyond being a good interview, people with grades that might not have quite met a firm's standard seemed to do well when they interviewed with a satellite office in a secondary market, and they had very strong ties to that market.

should i go to law school?

Depends on your goals, your financial situation, what you want to do after with your JD, etc.

I personally don't regret it

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: better to go to for transferring?
« on: April 06, 2008, 06:59:11 PM »
honestly, any of the 3.  If you are looking to transfer, a T14 school will judge all 3 of those schools pretty much equally.

Which school do you attend?

I don't want to say exactly which one, but it's a T20

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Need Advice!
« on: April 06, 2008, 04:17:00 PM »
So.... here are the facts:
In: Vanderbilt ($$$), Fordham ($), GW, Temple ($$$$), UMD ($$), Notre Dame ($$)
WL: GuLC (preferred... if that means anything), UMich
Reserve: Columbia
Pending: UVA, Penn, Duke

So basically, from Maryland... ultimately want to do educational law... but my fiance is in NYC at Stern for one more year.... any advice? I am mostly between Fordham and Vanderbilt at this point, although Vanderbilt has given me 25,000 and Fordham only 5,000. However I most likely will not be in the south after school.

-thanks for all your help  :)

If you don't get into any of the T14s you are waitlisted/ pending at, Vanderbilt is probably a good choice.  Outside of the T14 its placement is as national as it gets, so you won't have to live in the South if you don't want to.  Plus they are giving you money.

I am going to assume by your moniker you went to UCLA for UG.  If you have ties to California, and do well at Minnesota, should not be a problem coming back.  Considering Minn's rep is considered quite a bit higher than USD/ Pepperdine, I think Minn may be a good choice

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