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Current Law Students / Re: Why can't I find a job?
« on: March 07, 2008, 08:02:51 AM »
First, thanks to the few of you who had actually constructive advice, not just toxic posts without any real information. 
Second, I really blame myself, I should never have engaged in this type of bulletin board discussion.  What did I expect?  A miracle answer, some sagely advice handed down from above?  I avoided law school chatter throughout law school, because law students in general are know it alls, who really don't know jack.  I include myself in that description, but that is why I never or rarely asked any of my fellow classmates for advice, nor sat around the coffee shop talking about exams or classes or professors.  I do think it is a unique skill that only law students acquire, this type of hyper-anxious doom predictions.  Mostly, it is a belief that the sky is falling, when the truth is; everything is going to just fine. 
Obviously, I understand the uniqueness of my situation, which prompted my original post.  I was hoping that someone in the vastness of cyberspace had come across a similar situation and found a trick or loophole which resulted in success.  Of course, people like that don't troll posting boards, because they have moved beyond this fatalistic law school mentality.  Again, it is my mistake, and thanks to those who positively responded.
Finally, I won't be participating or trolling in this discussion anymore, nor will I search without for answers, rather I will look within as I have done with success throughout law school.  I suggest the same for you all, good luck.

Current Law Students / Re: Why can't I find a job?
« on: March 06, 2008, 03:33:56 PM »
If you graduated in December and aren't taking the bar until July, they will question why you are waiting.  And, if you are asking for an associate position, they will also question why you are asking for an associates job when you are not eligible for that type of position.  If you are sending resumes looking for clerk positions that is one thing, but it sounds like you are looking for a position you aren't qualified for so most likely your resume has been filed in the garbage can, or the don't hire in the future file.

You have put yourself in a bad position by graduating in Dec. and waiting until July to take the bar.  I don't know about there, but in Texas it takes 3 months to get results back, which means the first week of November.  Why would an employer hire you in March and put in all that training to find out in November you failed and your out the door?  It really makes no sense.

How am I not qualified?  Am I less qualified than a 3L?  Seriously, if you have nothing good to add to the discussion just don't post anything. 

Current Law Students / Re: Why can't I find a job?
« on: March 04, 2008, 02:36:18 PM »
I graduated in December, but wont take the bar until July.  Through some of my networking attempts, I was told in no uncertain terms that I should not even be applying right now; because, the firms won't extend an offer until I pass, and by passing around my resume, it is a strike against me.  Of course I can't justify sitting on my a$$ doing nothing until August.  I really thought graduating a semester early would be advantageous to my career search, guess I thought wrong. 
This is the most discouraged and stressed I've ever been.

Current Law Students / Re: Why can't I find a job?
« on: March 04, 2008, 10:02:05 AM »
Everywhere.  50 directed mailings out so far.  Started at the top, and working my way down the list.

Current Law Students / Why can't I find a job?
« on: March 04, 2008, 08:47:10 AM »
Graduated from a bottom top tier school.  Top 10%, multiple book/cali awards, worked at law firm througout 2L; judicial extern at state appellate court.  Not law review.  Moved out of my school's state and region for Chicago.  Now I can't get anyone to reply to applications.  Any suggestions besides flames?

Current Law Students / Illinois Appellate Court
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:05:19 PM »
Anyone know how to get information regarding illinois appellate court clerk positions?  The official website is worthless.

First, don't let a bunch of a-holes tell you that law school is a definite relationship killer, because it only tests strong relationships and destroys the weak ones.  My fiance and I survived a move in to a new city away from friends and family and law school all at once.  It was tough, but I know that she made my law school experience that much more fulfilling.  Basically, if you want to help, just give him space when he needs it, two to three weeks leading up to finals.  Also, when he snaps and maybe yells at you, take it with a grain of salt, and don't let it escalate.  Other than that, I would suggest remiding him every once in a while that law school isnt everything.  Take him out of the law environment and get him drunk or take him on a short 3 day vacation.
Good luck!  If you make through this you will make it through anything.

Current Law Students / Re: What type of Thank You after an interview?
« on: February 07, 2008, 10:22:40 AM »
I think that either are fine, but as a bit of anectdotal evidence that handwritten thank yous are acceptable I offer the following.  A friend of mine in law school, good grades good rank law review etc., was interviewing for a big law SA position. Received the call back, everything went well, and she sent out thank you cards to a few of the people she thought were appropriate.  Well, it worked, because when she got the call offering her the position the recruiting attorney commented on how touched and impressed they were with the notes.  They had received at the right moment when they were making their decision, and it was the hand written thank you that put her application over the edge. True story.

Current Law Students / Re: Am I in the wrong place
« on: January 29, 2008, 04:35:36 PM »
Yes. Drop out. You'll never succeed at anything, so start filling out your application with McDonalds.  With luck you'll be on fries by the summer!

Current Law Students / Re: need help/advice
« on: January 28, 2008, 10:10:09 AM »
My advice is to relax.  I go to a lower top tier school, and I am in the top 10%.  I had a 3.13 undergrad, not too great, I got a few Fs even. Mainly because I drank and partied too much.  So, after my first semester in law school when I didnt get the greatest grades, I didnt freak out.  Whereas all the kids who came into law school with 4.0s never had a C or even a B in their lives, lost their $hit.  That rocked them so hard they just couldnt recover.  You need to look at those first grades as a fluke.  Believe me there is a lot of subjectivity in grading these law school exams.  Continue studying like you have been and your grades this semester WILL rebound.  You WILL find a job after law school.  One big tip for exam taking, RELAX! I never studied past 6 or 7 the night before an exam.  Woke up early that morning had a nice breakfast, and looked over my outlines a few times while listening to some choice jams.  One hour before the exam just put all your study stuff away and try to relax, breath, meditate, listen to more music. 
If you can get into the zone, the exams are nothing.  Just believe that you know the answers, because if your doing it right you do.

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