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So this isn't exactly on-topic, but I figure other people might know about this.  I've been waiting on residency status for 3 months now, and I just got an email that my financial aid status has been updated (except it's basically the same as before.)  I at first thought this meant that my residency status had been determined, but now I'm wondering if everyone else got this same email.  Anyone? I've been waiting on this forever and it is soo frustrating!

Hey.  Thanks for all the advice so far--very helpful.  Just one question:  I am still debating the practicality vs. look of getting a laptop backpack vs. a messenger bag.  I havenít used a backpack since high school, but I am thinking that it may be worthwhile to look geeky rather than throw my back out lugging tons of books + my laptop walking 1 mi to and from school every day.  Am I gonna be a huge nerd if I go for the backpack?  What do most people use?  Thanks!   

I got in with only 1 academic rec, however I've been working a few years.  I wouldn't advise asking a student unless they were a TA for your class or something, and even then, I'm not sure it's a great idea.

Do you want to go to law school next year? Ditching your only acceptance and praying to get off the waitlist is an awful idea unless you are OK with taking a year off and reapplying.  You could easily have no back-up plan.  If you're fine with this scenario, then proceed.  Remember that MOST people are never accepted off of any given waitlist despite the number of delicious cookies they dish out. 

I went to the DC one.  It really solidified my choice.  The alums were really great and I decided that Boalt wasn't gonna hurt my chances of finding a great job even if I choose to go east.

wow..what enthusiasm!  well i am going.  but, as the frugal (insert ethnic group) east coaster that i am, merchandise was not included.  however i have been waiting for you guys to make a group.  so yay!  and even more yay for anyone who joins who is over 24.  (im feeling old now that ive been doing some visiting)

nyc to san fran to dc to berkeley.  (why didnt i just leave my stuff in sf? grr!)

Am I the only one at Boalt?  Woohoo in-state tuition!

What bothers me is not the people, but the fact that you lose all you connections and networking with classmates if they are really closely tied to cali (which they would be esp if they are all from cali originally) and plan to stay there.  networking is pretty important in the legal world, as you know...

Really, this speaks to more to my concern that Boalt students are all Cali residents wanting to stay in cali.  Im a resident now, but Im from the east coast and i cant say that Im super excited about being with a billion Cali residents who want to stay on the west coast. (I mean, it also kinda sucks to lose all your friends from school.)  From your exp., exactly what percentage of Boalt students are from Cali?  I somehow cant find this statistic...Thanks again.

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