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I'm not actually sure who I spoke to, it was a woman!

Yeah, I was accepted part time, but as an evening student about two weeks ago.  So the assistant dean of admissions just called me to tell me that they are offering me a spot in the part time day program.  I guess I'll take that option, it's better than going at night!

Just got a call from St John's offering me a spot in the part time day program.  Does anyone know anything about part time day programs?  Do you take classes with the other full time students and just take one less class or is there actually a part time day section?  Also, what's the point of part-time day?! Why can't they just let me in as a full time 1L??!!

I should probably just call the school and ask all of these questions (minus the last one!)  But any thoughts/comments you guys might have would also be greatly appreciated.

Hey, this is a random question, but do you think they'll pull anyone from the part time program and put them in the full time program? I applied full time and was accepted off the waitlist for the evening program. I enrolled but would love to go full time. 

As of right now I'll be commuting from home, but if by some miracle I got into the full time program, I'd love to take a room in the house!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Well, it is over for me..
« on: July 12, 2005, 06:17:50 AM »
I'll see you at sju, too! Visited yesterday, the area seems pretty nice!  I would definitely be interested in that house, but as of right now I was accepted as a part time evening student and will be commuting from home.  However, if by some miracle, something opens up in the full time program I will be looking for housing in the area. 

antelope - your lease/waitlist situation almost happened to me!  i was scheduled to sign a lease last tues night for an apt in boston but i had to reschedule at the last minute for wed night (long story involving my boyfriend catching a plane to azerbaijan). anyway, tues night at about 10 pm i found a letter on my porch from st john's! i think it was fate! i'm so glad i didn't sign that lease!

I'm heading down to St. John's on Monday, too! Just got the day off from work...I'm excited to check out the school, but not too thrilled about the drive down from Boston.  oh well..

antelope, maybe i'll see you there!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Suffok vs. St. John's PT
« on: July 08, 2005, 05:45:51 AM »
I think the second seat deposit date was in June but I'm sure they have some sort of deposit policy for people admitted off the waitlist.  I'll be withdrawing within the next few days...i hope this gets you a spot! good luck!

Incoming 1Ls / Switching from PT to FT
« on: July 07, 2005, 06:18:25 AM »
I was accepted off the waitlist to the part time program at St. John's and I want to switch into the full time program for 2L.  I'm kind of nervous about job prospects for summer of 1L and how this will affect other aspects of my law school experience.  Anyone have any thoughts on switching from part time to full time or know someone who has done it and can give some advice on the process?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Suffok vs. St. John's PT
« on: July 07, 2005, 06:00:36 AM »
Thanks for all of your help.  You guys make some great points. I think I'm going to opt for St. John's.  I have really enjoyed my time here in Boston, but after sleeping on it, I've realized that I'm only 23 and could end up anywhere.  I really do like New York and I think I'd enjoy being there for some time.  I also want to go to the better ranked school (I know, the rankings aren't everything but I'm still kind of hung up on them!)  I think it's going to be an adventure moving down to NY and starting at SJU!!   

I also plan on studying in my free time...i'm going to need all the study time I can get! As far as housing goes, I'm actually planning on moving back home for the first year (my parents live on the eastern end of LI) It's going to be a pretty long commute but since i'm going part time, it should be ok.  I defintely want to transfer to full time for the second year, then i'll move to queens.  Do you know how transferring works?  Do we have to take summer classes?  That will make finding a job/internship durring the summer kind of difficult.  Do you think it looks bad to employers to go part time first year and not work?

I'm excited but have so many questions/concerns! I think I'm stressing myself out too much already and school hasn't even started!

oh, one more question, admissions said that they have a part time day program.  did you consider trying to switch into that program?

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