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USF is much better than Golden Gate and they have a good reputation in the bay area. 
Golden Gate is on probation with the ABA for a low bar passage rate and even the alumni i talked to know this and sort of turn their nose up at the school.

If I get accepted at USF, I will go there no doubt.  It is my #1 choice.

My real question is if I get accepted at Rutgers, California Western & Golden Gate should I choose California Western or Golden Gate OVER Rutgers?  Keeping in mind I want to practice in California?  I have heard Rutgurs is a much better school than Golden Gate & California Western.  I was wondering if someone thought this was a stupid decision to choose either of those over Rutgers. 

It seems like they are all regional schools, and in terms of ranking and salary it dosen't matter.  Anyone?


USF is an excellent choice. Cal Western is better than Golden Gate, and is as good in quality as Rutgers, so Cal Western if not USF.

Thanks.  The only thing that is still troubling me is starting salary.  And offcourse I am basing this on one website, which I am unsure how credible it is.  If anyone knows, please feel free to chime in.  Internet Legal Research Group - is the particular website.

It states a Rutgers Grad starts with a median of $95,000.  Where as a Cal western Grad Starts at $55,000.  Golden Gate Grad starts at $58,000 and a USF Grad starts at $70,000.  So based on those figures is it still worth choosing Cal Western/Golden Gate over Rutgers?  Once again I am not sure how credible those numbers are..



USF is better than Golden Gate.  I don't know anything about those other two schools.

Yeah that much I figured.  If it's between Cal Western, Uni of San Fran or Golden Gate I will definetly take University of San Francisco.  I am just wanting to know how Rutgers fits into the equation.  And if anyone would choose cal western or golden gate OVER rutgers.


Hey guys,

I am in a little bit of a bind here.  I currently live in ATL, and wanted to go to law school out west (California). Originally from Toronto and did not want to go back into the cold.  I was rejected at a few of my first choices and left with a few.  I was waitlisted at:

University of San Francisco
Golden Gate
California Western

If you guys had the choice where would you go?  You guys may think this is a stupid comparison also :)  I just want some advice.  I know USF & Rutgers are probably the best out of those.  How would you guys rank those four?  I ranked them as: 1) USF 2) Rutgers 3) Cal western 4) Golden gate.  If I get into Rutgers and Cal Western or Golden Gate, would you guys choose Rutgers because of the better ranking/reputation?  I would like to be practicing in California, but I think turning down Rutgers for California Western is a little bit crazy.  Comments?  Also if I go to Rutgers would I have an extremely difficult time finding a job out west?  Whereas if I went to say Cal Western, and worked for a couple years I could have a decent comparable salary?

Thanks Guy.


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: CA / NYC / ATL ?
« on: October 19, 2005, 02:01:45 PM »
Thanks for the input.  I know CA has a great climate.  And the ocean...oh yes the ocean...CA just seems so distant from where I am..ATL..or where my family lives Toronto, Canada.  But that is pretty obvious, opposite side of the country.

What are employment options like if you end up in a schoo like Loyola, Pepperdine, U. of San Diego, U. Of San Francisco?

From my understanding it's easier to find a job in NYC because there are just so many companies.  How about CA?

How is the ethnic break-down in that state?  I know NYC is very diverse.  I imagine a large hispanic & asian population, so good diversity? 

I really need to visit CA, just trying to squeeze out as much as I can about the place before hand ;)


Choosing the Right Law School / CA / NYC / ATL ?
« on: October 18, 2005, 06:33:13 PM »
Hey guys, I am trying to figure out WHERE TO apply to law schools.  I am basing this not only on school rankings, but moreso on the state where these schools are, which is where I would be practicing after graduation..

Currently I am in Atlanta, dont like it much.  Schools I considered here are Emory & University of Georgia.

CA Side - UCLA or USC maybe even Pepperdine...

NY Side - Cornell, Cardozo, Brooklyn, NYC

Now if we can suspend rankings for a second and how xxxx school is superior to xxx school.  Where would you want to live??  CA has a great climate, and good market.  NYC Has fantastic ethnic diversity and a hot legal market and ATL i've been here for two years (completing undergrad), and I am not impressed.  Seems way to segregated white/black/hispanic (sorry if Im bashing ATL, just my personal views).  A positive for ATL Is climate & Housing is cheap. A $250K Home here is about $500K+ In the other two markets.  Your salary goes far in ATL.  Plus ATL if you go to Emory has firms come trying to recruit for jobs in NYC.  But I would imagine a school like Cordozo which is in the city would have 10x the firms coming then a school a two hour flight away to ATL.

Now lets say you got into Emory, UCLA & (Cornell or Cordozo) .  What would your first choice be and why??

I am trying to decide if If the lure of a big city life, like NYC is worth not attending Emory.  And if I am out of my mind let me know!!  If I am looking at entertainment law (or IP), the CA market would be fantastic, and UCLA or USC would give me a great start...but is it considered big city life??

I just want to get your have a chance to get up and leave, no strings attached find a school to go to and a new place to practice afterwards..where would you go? 


Send it my way, I got some time and energy!  Editing a few right now...


Send it my way, im reading/editing a few right now.  Got some time :)


I'll give it a read, I am doing lots and lots of editing this week :)


I would be happy to look at it.  Always good to get a few opinions :)


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