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Those two are probably arch enemies from the jungle gym or something haha. He has been accusing him of lying for quite some time now....Nice to see its true and he wasnt just out for blood

DOWNY is an unbeatable foe when it comes to online battles.

Yep. DOWNY finally caught him!

Can you keep us updated on this? I remember that guy too...I am interested to see if he is going to respond or what.

You remember DOWNY or Shelton?

Site Suggestions and Announcements / Re: Moderator for BLSD
« on: February 08, 2005, 11:38:23 PM »
DS is certainly a bigoted moron, but so is HBCU. Refer to the first post about this. HBCU thinks slurs are ok, so long as they're about gay people and Native Americans. I'm disgusted that many of you defended his blatant bigotry.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: DOWNY is officially upset
« on: February 05, 2005, 03:23:25 PM »
I don't think that's the real DOWNY.

Hey listen up, it’s story time with BLUTO!

Many of you are basking in the glow of a DOWNY-less universe. Yeah I know what you’re up to- you think just because DOWNY is gone that everything is back to normal around here. The tyrant has been ousted, and tranquility will return to LSD. If you Coolies-Fuckers believe that, you might as well keep believing that guy who sleeps with your mom is your biological father! Ha, that’s another story- eyes on the prize. Back to the point, which is that LSD is just like Iraq- there’s lots of toolshed “reformers” (Hurley and his ilk) who think they can just arrive in a hostile territory (the Internet in general and LSD in specific) and transform it into some ridiculous utopia. It won’t work in Iraq and it won’t work on LSD. DOWNY was a hero, a god, to us trolls. His memory is stamped in our minds and his flames represent the hopes of trolls everywhere.

I will keep the vision of DOWNY alive and free from the oppressive reformers and occupiers.

A brief history of DOWNY’s pwn3rship of law school boards:

1.   DOWNY registers a year ago, begins posting. Soon he is the Lead Troll on LSD.

2.   Within a couple weeks DOWNY’s notoriety skyrockets. He is banned from the site by Andrew because of numerous complaints about him. A contingency of DOWNY supporters get his account reinstated.

3.   DOWNY continues to flame on for 6 months or so, receiving constant threats of being banned as well as threats on his life from other members. DOWNY ignores these.

4.   DOWNY launches a full-on assault on the board. Within days, DOWNY’s account is deleted, the name “DOWNY” is banned from being registered BY ANYONE, and DOWNY’s IP is banned. However, to this day DOWNY is STILL discussed on that board all the time- there were 5 posts about him this week.

5.   DOWNY is “outed” by the mod at His flames are STILL discussed on In fact, there were 4 threads about DOWNY last week, which the mod deleted. This is interesting, as DOWNY has not posted on that site since he was banned two months ago.

6.   While DOWNY never made the plunge into XOXO, there have nonetheless been numerous discussions about DOWNY. Some posters who will remain nameless have even plagiarized DOWNY’s flames.

7.   DOWNY joins the LSD students/graduates board. Within three days he is threatened with a ban. DOWNY keeps his cool and continues to rock. Within a couple months, DOWNY has the LOWEST POPULARITY RATING IN THE HISTORY OF THE BOARD, at -145. The closest competitor to this feat is JeffJoe, who is at -77, mostly due to DOWNY constantly defaming him. These numbers are significant: there must be a 3 hour space between every karma action- this means that a rating of -177 = 531 hours to defame DOWNY to his present ranking. This negative number may never be defeated.

8.   DOWNY runs JeffJoe off the students/graduate board of LSD by calculating NSL GPA/LSAT ranges and determining that someone with a 125 LSAT could be admitted. This thread was later copied onto XOXO by a regular poster.

9.   DOWNY uses a proxy server to make fake law school reviews and posts them on The reviews included titles such as “Yale is a third tier toilet” and “Cooley sucks and DOWNY pimps your mom.” The admin deletes them and bans more IP addresses of DOWNY.

To this day, DOWNY’s fame is boundless. A search for the name “DOWNY” on yields 34 pages. More than 50 troll accounts have been made to go after DOWNY on this site alone. DOWNY has been banned from all 3 of the sites he posted on. DOWNY is continually obsessed over on boards he hasn’t posted on in several months. Other trolls, no matter how skilled, have not come close to this level of fame. DOWNY is probably the most imitated troll in the history of Internet discussion boards. There are now DOWNY imitators on LSD, XOXO, 4lawschool and even

Perhaps the brilliance of DOWNY's approach to trolling is what set him apart. DOWNY flames were never racist or too offensive. No other poster in the last several years has been able to achieve DOWNY's status in trolling- even the racist flames fade quickly. DOWNY's flames are also unique in that he has provoked an ARMY of supporters as well as haters- yet in making fake accounts to troll him, the imitators seem to only further his notoriety. One cannot but wonder if this was DOWNY's strategy the entire time- to enlist his enemies in spreading his fame.

DOWNY may very well be the most famous troll in history. He is the standard by which other trolls aspire. A DOWNY flame is the industry standard, and for that we miss him.


Law School Applications / Re: Cornell way easier this year
« on: February 05, 2005, 01:09:58 AM »


Law School Applications / Re: I think it would be cool
« on: February 05, 2005, 01:00:08 AM »
If you apply to Cooley you get a shirt that says "I'm with stupid," except there's no arrow to point at the person next to you.

Law School Applications / Re: Transfering Down to a Lower Tier
« on: February 05, 2005, 12:12:15 AM »
Why the @#!* would anyone transfer down? The purpose in life is to go to the best school you can-  why sacrifice the very meaning of human existence for money?

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