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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BU v. GW v. Fordham
« on: December 21, 2015, 07:44:14 AM »
I just got three waitlist offers and am having a hard time making a choice in a short amount of time. I'm between BU v. GW v. Fordham.  I want to do the biglaw thing on the East Coast.  Maybe become involved in politics much later in life.  Career prospects and starting salary are my main priorities.

My gut tells me all 3 schools are fairly comparable, and I should go with the one I like the best.  Do most people agree?   If that is the case,  BU is an easy choice. It's closest to my family, my favorite location, and was the only school to give me $. 

If GW or Fordham will give me a significant advantage over BU I would reconsider, but from what I've heard I think I will have a similar experience at any of them.  I know GW is ranked slightly high, but rankings only tell so much.

I also got into W&M with 10k but am not considering it, as I want to be in a city.  I am waitlisted at UMich, UVA and GTown.  Obviously, if I get in to any of them, I will go.  But I am not holding my breath and need to make a choice!

These are pretty comparable schools. Throw in BC which has better placement in Boston, and you have a fantastic list.

Go with GW if you want to wrok in DC;

Go with Fordham if you want to work in NYC; and

Go wtih BC/BU if you want to work in Boston.

I just got off the wait list at BC and was offered a 15k/yr scholarship -  I was kinda surprised but really excited about it nonetheless. However, I was/still am committed to Brooklyn Law with $45k/yr scholarship. I'd really like to get into Big Law in NY (I am from NY) and I know that's an extremely difficult endeavor coming out of BLS. However, I was playing the money card by trying to minimize debt (I'd prob be in $75k out of BLS and $150k out of BC). Given these parameters, is the extra debt worth it to pick up my things and head to Boston, or should I stick it out and see what happens at Brooklyn? Thanks!

I would steer clear of Brooklyn if you want to practice.  BC will at least give you the option for BigLaw, or at a minimum, you'll have a shot at MidLaw if you aren't top 1/3.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Wash U Law School, St. Louis
« on: December 21, 2015, 07:41:18 AM »

I'm looking for input from anyone who may have insights regarding Wash U Law School in St Louis. I'm 43, a pastor in the United Methodist Church with a Masters degree in Divinity from Vanderbilt University (3.5) and fourteen years of experience serving as a Sr Pastor. My undergraduate degree was from the University of Kentucky (BA English) many years ago. I have also served as an USAF Officer and currently serve as a Navy Officer and Chaplain (Reserves) - 9 years total. Anyway, Wash U has waived my application fee and is strongly encouraging me to complete my application as they also have full scholarships still available for this fall. I do have to take the LSAT in June which they have told me is not too late at all for this fall. I am interested in using a Law degree to work with Veterans rights and access to care as we face a crisis in our country; I am also interested in public policy and working on legislation. As I have a young son in the St Louis area and there are several Veterans hospitals there, plus I am familiar with StL based on doing my drill with Marines near the airport, Wash U is my first choice. I get the impression they are interested in me as well.

So, what impressions do any of you have re Wash U and what I bring to the table? Thanks ahead of time.

Hi Will,

I went to WUSTL undergrad, so I can help a little. I'm also relatively familiar with the law school itself.

A few things off the bat:

-WUSTL encouraging you to apply for this fall, and promising scholarships, is not uncommon. I'm not the world's best applicant (171 LSAT) but they have called me, emailed me numerous times, etc. What I mean to say is - don't do it just because they're offering.

-I'd wait a year and review schools, if I were you. WUSTL is a top-20 program but everyone I know who went there was only so-so on it, if not a transfer/drop out. They are very liberal with money and acceptances, which is why it draws a lot of applicants. Plus, WUSTL undergrad is a strong school, with a lot of money, which helps.

Here's my bottom line on that: Law schools love people like you (assuming you can keep up in classwork, on the LSAT, etc). Your 'softs' are very strong. I'd look at Northwestern or even (if you do well enough) Columbia, etc.

WUSTL is a top 20 program by US News, but look at its BigLaw firm placement. It isn't a top 20 school for BigLaw. You'd be better off at USC, UCLA, BC, BU, or GW, which are comparable but have bigger markets that they feed into. This is largely why WUSTL students aren't as high on it.

GW is much more national than BU. Also, if you could get into GW, you should also have been able to get into BC.

According to most published reports, BC places in BIGLAW better.

However, I would suggest the following:

If you want to practice at a big firm on a coast, attend BC.
If you want to work in the MidWest, attend UMinn. (other than Wisc).
If you want to work in Wisconsin, attend Madison.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: GW vs. BC
« on: May 12, 2008, 11:16:23 AM »
I almost attended GW, but ulitmately choose BC. I was curious about placement as well when I was applying. My experience has shown me that both schools place pretty equally. I wouldn't stress too much about placement. You want to be in the top half at either school.

Congrats on GW. Hopefully BC will come around.

Current Law Students / Standard for judgment as a matter of law
« on: February 07, 2006, 07:44:16 PM »

How much evidence does there need to be for a court to grant a judgment as a matter of law?

Do not rely on specialty rankings. This has been discussed numerous times.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Suffolk Law - Visit Review
« on: March 05, 2008, 10:22:35 AM »
Do not go to Suffolk law school in an attempt to get BigLaw. It is a good school for small firm/government work, but the larger Boston firms only hire a single individual from Suffolk a year, if any. My firm, a very large firm in Boston, has never hired a Suffolk student as a summer associate. We have a few alumni who worked their way up after ten years of experience, but even they have pretty remarkable qualifications (like a PhD from Harvard or a technical degree from MIT).

However, if you want to work in Boston and don't care about BigLaw, I think Suffolk is a pretty good choice.

To answer the gym question, I love that BC doesn't internalize the cost of the gym. I would hate it if they forced me to pay for a gym that I am not using. BU makes BUSL students pay for a gym whether or not they use it. I think its great that BC law students aren't forced to pay for the undergrad gym unless the student actaully wants to use it.

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