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Current Law Students / Re: Denver Law
« on: June 29, 2005, 05:36:39 PM »
I am from Houston, so I would definitely choose SMU if you want to practice in Texas.  I am grateful for DU for offering me an opportunity when even STCL didn't.  If my family and friends were here, DU would be perfect considering my UGPA and lack of options when I applied to law school.

It is definitely not a cutthroat environment.  The students can be high-strung and overworry about everything, which is annoying, but typical. I am quite shy and did not make many close friends in my section, but if I was called on and did not know the answer, someone was always more than willing to help me.  Reading the teacher evals that just came out, one of my classmates even defended me by specifically mentioning a situation where he/she thought the prof. was being condescending (I actually was not offended). I loved all of my first year professors, from the very casual ones that did not care about attendance or the socratic to the ones that faithfully apply the socratic.  You can tell they really care.  Once in a while, a prof. will get really pissed off if you did not read, but they can tell the difference b/w unprepared and prepared but just nervous.  I am a horrible public speaker, and often think that I sound stupid and unprepared, but a prof. has never gone off on me.  Instead, they were patient, and tried to guide me to the answer.

The older students are always offering their old notes for you, even if they just met you.  If you care about extracurricular activities, it would easy to be a leader here, because not many people care.  It might be disheartening that not many people get involved, but then again, you can easily add a leadership position on your resume.  All of my first year exams were open book and notes.  Well, for Civ. Pro, you could only have the rules, but were allowed to tape notes on the blank pages in the Fed. Rules of civ pro. booklet which turned out to be more than enough room.  Grades do appear to be arbitrary.  I only went to torts like 8 times the first semester, and 5 or 6 times the second semester, and made a B and A-, respectively.   I attended Contracts religiously first semester, but made a C, and was pretty good about keeping up in property but made a C+.  I then slacked off on Contracts second semester and was sure I failed, but made an A-, so you never know.  But I guess that's true at any school. 
Everyone complained about Lawyering Process, the legal writing and research class, but I personally don't think it was that bad.

The Career services office is pretty attentive--it seems like one of the counselors knows everyone's name after just one meeting.  They know that CU is heavy competition so they emphasize networking, a lot.  You'll get sick of hearing about how important networking is.  But the events they have available are actually kind of fun. 

I think there is some political stuff b/w the student gov. and some administrators, but I try to keep out of it.  it's actually quite funny though, but does not really affect anything that I know of.

Some gripes:  the website is actually  not too helpful.  You really have to dig to get information, and I wish they would have more info. available on the school's website.  I also wish they had more classes available at more times or with more spaces.  I cannot really think of anymore gripes.  If there are any negatives, it's just typical stuff that's probably present at other schools.

I am really starting to like Denver.  I lived in the suburbs before and just moved downtown.    The food is not as good as Houston's restaurant scene, and I am sure not as good as Dallas' either, but there are some cute, enclaves around town that have cool places to hang out.  The mountains are really close, so of course, all the outdoorsy, CO stuff.  I just got into hiking, and I love the views you can get, it never gets tiring. 

One other thing that sort of bothers me is the lack of diversity.  A lot of people here are from Michigan, Wyoming, or parts of the Midwest, so the school and Denver is diverse to them (and the food seems good to them).  But if you are from Houston or Dallas, it can be disconcerting.  Just one of those little things that get annoying sometimes in a subconscious way.

Overall, DU is a great school, but if I could be admitted to a more "prestigious" school, I would go there instead (sorry if I sound disloyal and shallow).  It has a pretty good reputation here and among some in the legal community. It does seem like SMU has a better rep., if that's important to you.  Let me know if there is anything else I could help you with.  Good luck!

Current Law Students / Re: Denver Law
« on: June 29, 2005, 03:18:06 PM »

Just finished my first year, are you heading there?

Law School Admissions / Re:2.62 UGPA and 155 LSAT
« on: December 27, 2003, 12:31:11 AM »
HI. You can go here:

Plug in your GPA and LSAT numbers, relevant info and you should have some good information. But remember those stats are for Fall 2002 admission...however they may be useful to you.

Hope this helps!!  ::)

Law School Admissions / Re:Couple Random questions
« on: December 27, 2003, 12:28:14 AM »
For your LSDAS GPA, On LSAC.ORG Log in, Click on Online Services Tab, Click My DOCS, Click Transcripts, Click on Academic Summary Report (Adobe Acrobat will load and open, scroll down, under Summary you should see your Cum GPA).

Hope this helps.  ;D

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