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It always seems like the Cardinals are always shown giving up home runs, but it might be psychological.

EDIT:  Also, through 3 innings the Cardinals and Giants have combined to load the bases with no outs 3 times, and one run has been scored off these situations.  That's efficient offense...


For the record, I believe Farnsworth has tackled two people in his major league career in two separate incidents. Hence the confusion.

That is too funny.. Farnsworth is the man.. ;)

Seconded, I don't know anything about an Affeldt (Jeremy Affeldt?) fight, but I can't get the image of Sean Casey staggering back to the dugout bloodied out of my head.  Farnsworth was a Cub and Casey was a Red, I'm pretty sure it was '04.  And Casey's not a little guy either.

EDIT:  I'm wrong, Sean Casey was not involved in the fight I'm think of.  And it was '03.  Here's the link.  It was pitcher Paul Wilson.  Kinda looks like Casey though... :-[  But the conclusion that you don't mess with Kyle Farnsworth remains true, despite the false premises.


Are you guys talking about the Farnsworth/Sean Casey fight?  Because he put a great form tackle on him in that one, utterly hilarious, like the Robin Ventura/Nolan Ryan fight.  Very important note to position players, don't charge the pitcher unless you are sure you can take him.  Also, it's nice to see Pierzynski take a shot, but can't really blame him for this one.

I don't know, I bet Meg Ryan can throw some gas

Either way, I'll draft a charter tonight... ;D 

God, that would be awesome. 

Let's form the ACFUBTHBBC (Astros and Cards Fans United By Their Hatred of Barry Bonds Club).

EDIT:  You are a Stros fan right?

I hope Pujols breaks the single season record this season.  I know it's way too early to think about it, but it would be so just for the season Bonds passes the Babe to have his big record taken away by a guy who, by all accounts, is his polar opposite, personality wise.  Obviously, I'm a Cards fan so I want this for other reasons too, but it's hard not to respect a guy like Pujols.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Waitlists 05-06 Cycle
« on: May 17, 2006, 02:20:43 PM »
Heard from W&L and WUSTL that they won't admit off the WL until June 1.  Nothing from ND or W&M.  Anyone heard from any of these?


That's absurd.  Typical of the "it's our fault mentality," sadly.  These people hate us and want to kill us.  You can't hope to appease them by not executing Moussaoui.  WAKE UP!

who said anything about appeasing them?  they don't have access to him, and they can't point to him as a martyr.

Honestly, why does their opinion matter?  If you think it will make them want to attack us more, you're wrong, but even if you think that, the appropriate response is to try harder to kill them and prevent attacks, not to spare Moussaoui.  The Islamofascists are animals who must be pounded into submission.  They represent everything we, liberal and conservative alike, must oppose.

so are you saying he should have been executed for deterrence?  retribution?  both?

as for deterrence, these are suicide bombers we're talking about here, not your average american murder (who also isn't deterred by the death penalty very much).  do you think the death penalty deters suicide bombers ... people who kill themselves for their cause?  wasn't the iraq war supposed to be the big example, after all, of how america would respond to threats?  how much has that deterred terrorism?

if you're not arguing for deterrence, this is all based on the premise that you're arguing with someone who agrees with the death penalty in principle for some type of retributive effect.  you're not.  if you're going to go that route we should just stop posting because i'm not going to beat that dead horse.

They represent everything we, liberal and conservative alike, must oppose.

so since life in prison w/solitary confinement doesn't "oppose" him enough to you, what you're really saying is that they represent everything we, liberal and conservative alike, must respond to conservatively.  while trying to sound non-partisan, you're making an empty (and circular) statement here.

It's appeasement because you imply that fear of attack should preclude us from executing him, at least in part.  That's what your original response implies, if that's not what you mean, please correct me.

I understand what you're implying about the Iraq war causing more terrorism, if you are referring to the insurgency.  Obviously they wouldn't be attacking us in Iraq if we hadn't invaded because we wouldn't be there.  But, I do think that military action to destroy al Qaeda is the only way to ultimately prevent attacks.  My overall point was not really about Moussaoui, just a response to what I saw as your belief that not executing him will somehow prevent attacks.  Hopefully, you recognize how wrong that idea is.  I agree there's no point to debate the death penalty overall.


General Off-Topic Board / Re: Superior Gangster/Crime Movie
« on: May 04, 2006, 01:32:52 PM »
Yeah Heat too.  I was doing a list of gangster films, I don't think it really qualifies.  Not really organized crime in the Mafia sense, De Niro's guys are just his crew of thieves.  But in an overall list of crime movies, it would be way up there. 

Sad to say I've seen neither a Bronx Tale nor Mean Streets.  Need to though.

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